Raiders who need to step up in 2010

As the draft comes closer, so does the season. And this season will determine the fate of a few players who need to put up or shut up in terms of production. I hate to put some of these players up here. Other ones, not so much. I take the word of others about productivity and effectiveness. They don't show Raider games up here (damned seahawks). Here's my list for better or worse:

Jamarcus Russell

I put him here for the obvious reasons. He can't hit a receiver from 2 yards away. He fumbles. He's out of shape. He has no heart. His work ethic sucks. With all that said I cling to a crazy thread of hope that he might be able to pull this 180 and start winning games. It's a very miniscule thread, but he will be given a chance. He has 2 games tops to pull a miracle off. He's capable of it (don't laugh) but I feel he will be laughed out of town on a rail.

Darren McFadden/Michael Bush

I know, we have some Bush lovers here (no pun intended I swear) and we have McFadden lovers. One of these guys will take over the majority of carries. D-Mac gets first crack at the job but loses it in week 4. Bush becomes the primary guy and gets 1000 yards. Davis realizes Gary Russell can do the same thing as D-Mac but way cheaper. I think D-Mac gets traded to someone.

Robert Gallery/Chaz Schilens

I debated a long time before putting Gallery on here. I hated to do it. But we need to know whether he can hold up for the full season. Chaz was put up here based off of his injury. Louis Murphy showed he is more than capable of being the number 1 WR. With DHB on the roster Chaz might fall to the number 3 guy if not off the roster. I hope he gets the spot but needs to maintain his health with the youngsters breathing down his neck.

Darrius Heyward-Bey

Since I picked on 2 of my favorites on this team it's only fitting I pick on the biggest non-QB disappointment of last season. DHB had a horrible season that was so bad he changed his jersey number. There are some positive reports of him working hard with our week 3 starter Greatkowski during the offseason. I hope for the sake of Raider Nation he does well. If he has another season like he had last year I don't see him on the roster after that.

Mike Mitchell/Michael Huff/Tyvon Branch

One of these 3 will be gone after this season if not before. I feel it might be Huff, simply because his value is high and Mitchell needs to be on the field if only to see what exactly we have. A deal might be struck during training camp dealing one of them, most likely Huff.

Stanford Routt/Hiram Eugene

Routt showed flashes at safety, but we happen to be stacked at that position (see above) and the possibility of us taking a corner in the draft are more likely than we realize. Routt might not make it out of camp. Eugene was a capable safety but that slap by an aging Mcgahee made me realize he is not worth keeping around. If you can't stop a back who by all accounts is at the end of his career you have no business being in the league. I see him cut in camp and going to the AFL

Tommy Kelly

The possibility of us taking a DT is likely to happen. We are thin at the position. If we take Dan Williams at #8 the potential of TK playing his last season with the Raiders is a near certainty. He's a UT and not the NT we need. Desmond Bryant is also a UT and a much cheaper option. With the addition of Williams (my choice if we do the Gaither trade) Kelly at best would either be rotating with Bryant and Williams or traded for a low-buck DT who would be better rotational material. I see him succeeding with Williams which would make Bryant the backup.

If you have others feel free to post them. I would nominate Pears but as long as JR is on the roster we need someone who will disappoint us even more. Pears should move to fullback if Cable can teach him how to actually block someone.

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