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It's been a week chalk full of optimism for this revamped Raiders team. National press is taking notice of the improvements made by this team during the 2010 offseason. And there is news happening everywhere. Open this page, read all the Raiders updates, and Let's Chat, Raider Nation. Anyone can Ask questions, and anyone can answer. Let's have a great talk!

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-There is talk of the positive buzz provided to the team by new Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson.

-This is breaking news- From Thoughts From the Darkside---Raiders seek repayment in the amount of $9.55 million from JaMarcus Russell. Click here for the full article.

-Jerry MacDonald has proclaimed that he can no longer bad mouth Coach Cable concerning Darrius Heyward-Bey who had his best professional practice on Wednesday in front of the media and closed some mouths while dropping some jaws...

-Like the jaw of Nnamdi Asomugha, who says he is happy to be Hue Jackson's scapegoat if it is for the greater good of the team, ""Any time [Hue] sees me out there, he's gonna talk trash to me, ‘We're coming at you', and he told me this early on, he said ‘when we can complete balls on you, then we know we're progressing; we know that we're going in the right direction'," said the two time Pro bowl CB.  "So I think it's good. Every now and then, I'll let him complete one so he feels good about himself, but...no it's good, he talks a lot of trash."

-Jason Campbell is the talk of the town, receiving praise from teammates, like Louis Murphy, "He loves to work, so we're out here putting in the work and time it takes to be great. He's teaching me so much, with me being in just my second year, going through all the different offenses he's been through and all types of defensive coverage's, it's teaching me a lot, it's just good to have that veteran QB to show us what we have to do." As well as praise from the big man on campus, Tom Cable, "His accuracy goes a lot towards the development of [the WR's], including your tight ends in that group, and just overall, I've mentioned this before, just when you have someone throwing them the ball where you can catch it and on time and those kinds of things it gives them a chance to have success and build their confidence and grow as a unit. I think it's having a lot to do with what's going on."

-Tyvon Branch, CBSsports.com's most under-rated NFL player, had some encouraging words for Raider Nation too, "The team seems to be together; both on the field and off. Scheme wise, everyone is getting better. Another season has really allowed some of us to step up and take charge. Although this is a complex game, it is all about making plays. That is what we plan to do in 2010."

So with all this in mind, Let's Chat Raider Nation!

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