Some help on the FA market.

I know were making some great moves in the offseason towards competition, i mean thats all Im hearing from Coach Cable, "Competition, Competition every one is going to be going through a Competition" so I went through the NFL's free agent list when ten players really caught my eye for some "Competition" at there respective positions:

Flozel Adams T: I think adding a high calliber player like adams to out O-line would be substantial not only competitively but also adding a veteran player like that among our rookies would really get a good basis for a great future and more Competition!

Jamal Lewis RB: Ok, ok i know hes "experienced"  or "old", whatever, i think adding as much Competition to the back field would be ideal! i know we picked up Bennett and Cartwell but I think its not a reach and will lead to a great third rb to pick up after Mcfaddens injuries which, hopefully wont be a factor for 2010, but a good veteran would still a plus.

Terrell Owens  WR: I really have never been a fan of T.O but i do respect what he brings to table and to be completely honest we need a WR to beat out Zach Miller in Receptions for god sake I mean Zach is by far my favorite raider on the field but I think T.O will be humbled by no one takin him and maybe hell come in and make some noise and be a great addition for Campbell to throw to.

Josh Reed WR: I though Josh because hes a quiet guy and hell add some Competition at WR to wake up DHB and get the sand out of Louis Murpheys vagina, and he has good experience on the field.

Lawrence Vickers FB: I think hes a beast at FB he alot like Crockett in the backfield, plus were really short at that position were low on experience there and Id love to see this guy lead bush through the hole!

Oshiomogho Atogwe SS: Adds another big time hitter to take some pressure off of aso and of course adds some Competition to out DB core.

John Henderson DT: thats self explanatory, I think hes a must.

Chris Hovan DT: I dont know why, I just always liked him and hes a big guy to fill up that hole in our 4-3.

Kevin Mawae C: We need some experience in the center of our O-Line I dont see him as a 3-4 year guy but even a 1-2 strong years would add alot of knowledge to the younger lineman who are still learning, plus i still see plenty of fight in that old man.

Keith Bullock OLB: Hes an awesome veteran in the club house i would say a huge part of the titans success and I think even more to there downfall with letting him go I think hes more talented than Thomas Howard and Sam Williams plus a great mentor to Trevor Scott and our new rookie Rolando McClain....



some of these guys I know are reaches or even be unconsidered but hey In my eyes i see some progressive Competition throughout the Oakland Raider clubhouse and who knows Raiders have always picked up veterans for Competition and Leadership.its a win win in my eyes, tell me what you think aye?!

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