Oaklands top ten.

 Guys i'm gonna start making a top ten everyweek by position and you guys can agree, disagree, comment, or even rec. See me and my friends argue about almost everything when it comes down to the NFL. So now i'm gonna ask you guys what you think. Now even though stats help i'm choosing ten guys who i would choose to play for my life.

This is just a preview before i start the real thing. These are the top ten players who play for the Oakland Raiders. Since it's kind of hard to evaluate when they don't play the same position it's by value to the team.


1. CB Nmandi Asomugha

By a landslide. He is number 1 in the game. Look who wants to hold out. Look who is making excuses not to practice. Darrel Revis. Aso is giant to the team, to the org and to the community.


2. TE Zach Miller

By far my favorite player on the offense. He showed up when no one else did. If Gallery would of became the LT he was suppose to he could be here but he became a above average injury prone LG. Back to Miller he is a silent leader and we saw what happened at the skins game when he got hurt. 2 rookies would of taken on the whole city of D.C for him. Expect a big year for Miller with Campbell or Grad starting.


3. LG  Robert Gallery

Never lived up to the hype but he's the best on the Oline. If he can stay healthy he could make the probowl. I hope he's in for the most of season or we may be doomed as we know it.


4. Kicking Crew

Someone please explain to me how we can lose games with a punter who's average is about 50 and our kicker can hit 60 yarders. I'm sorry but i think the Raiders have the best CB,K and P in the league. They deserve the money they get and they are real game changers.


5. 2010 draft

If we are gonna make the playoffs this year 2 or 3 of these guys need to step up. Mr.McClain especially. Houston is more of a luxury. The two OTs though there has never been a year when all 5 of the OLine played all 16 games. So if they don't make the starting lineup they will see the field by the time the season over. McFadden will get some shots as well. If Ford can become a great KR i will be crazy happy if he becomes a weapon on offense will god have mercy on other opponets souls with Fords and Beys speed.

6. SS Tyvon Branch

Hits hard, Great tackler, good coverage, lots of tackles and no INTs. That's gonna change this year. The front 4 will cause pressure along with the occaisonal LB blitz. I hope in a few years he can switch to Free and Mitchell at strong.

7. WR Chaz Schilens

Our number one reciever when healthy. Our core looks good with him i have nightmares without him. If he gets injured T.O needs to be signed. Chaz has great hands, good speed, and more then above average routes. I hope he's getting hot with one of our QBs because i have a feeling who ever gets the ball to him and Miller the best will start.

8. OLB/DE Trevor Scott

If he learns to stop the run better he will be known around the league. His pass rushing skills are crazy. Jason still shakes at night when he gets flash backs of Scott blind sideing him. I have high hopes for him.

9. DE Richard Seymour

Now don''t get me wrong he can still play but his value comes from locker room influence and being a mentor to Houston and Schaungessy. He still has some left in his tank but if he plays all 16 games at LE i can see him getting 8 or more sacks this year.

T10. QB Jason Campbell

T10. QB Bruce Gradkoski

I like both. Both can lead this team. Jason has a giant arm and Bruce has great accuracy. Bruce knows the system better Jason has been showing his skills to the coaches while Bruce watches from the sidelines. I will be happy with either of them.

Now before you vote on my post go watch Grad's highlights against the Steelers.

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