Trevor Scott: Where Should He Play?

Trevor Scott will be going into his 3rd year in the NFL. He was a 6th Rd. pick in 2008 and came out of Buffalo University. At the University at Buffalo, Scott was an All-Conference selection as a senior he started all 12 games at left end for the Bulls had 10 sacks, 46 tackles and 15 stops for a loss. In 2006, as a junior, he started all 12 games at defensive end and led the Bulls with nine sacks on the season and also recorded 45 total tackles. Of course, Al got a terrific deal by picking Trevor in the 6th Rd.


 In his 1st year with Oakland, Trevor racked up 24 tackles and 5 sacks. 24 tackles isn't very impressive, but 5 sacks is. Then is was obvious Scott had a nack for getting to the QB. In his sophmore year, Scott returns with an impressive stat line of 45 tackles and 7 sacks. But that year, Scott was tested at OLB, instead of playing DE. He flourished! He was a threat off of the edge and a constant hazard in the backfield.


Oakland has aqcuired OLB, Kameron Wimbley and OLB, Quentin Groves. Both players are suited for a 3-4, just like Scott. Now, Oakland has 4 OLB's. Thomas Howard, a natural 4-3 LB who is magnificent in pass coverage. Kameron Wimbley, a 3-4 LB who is solid in Run D and attacking the QB. Quentin Groves, another 3-4 LB who is very athletic. And Trevor Scott, the 3rd 3-4 LB who has the best pass rushing skills.


What do we do? It has become clear the Oakland is sticking to the base 4-3, but willing to show different looks. Meaning we'll see some 3-4 looks, maybe not as much as we'd like, but it's still a start. But where do we play these guys? If we're in a 4-3, the LB corp. will look like this:


OLB: Thomas Howard

MLB: Rolando McClain

OLB: Kameron Wimbley


I'm fine with that look. It's very solid and has enough size and speed to stop the run yet still defend the pass. But, if we're in the 4-3, I have a feeling Trevor Scott will see barely any playing time. He can move down to DE, but we have 3 DE's who are all very good at what they do. Richard Seymour, Matt Shaughnessy and my boy, Lamarr Houston. So it's doubtful Scott would see alot of time in the 4-3, unless it's 3rd and long.

But in the 3-4, Scott has a chance to become a star. At 6'5 and 255 lbs., he has the ideal size you'd want in a 3-4 OLB. Plus, he has the natural pass rush. If he managed to get 7 sacks while in the 4-3 OLB spot, imagine what he can do while in the 3-4 OLB spot. It may sound cocky or arrogant of me, but I believe he can/will double that number. Yes, that's right, he'll finish with 14 sacks. I have that much faith in Trevor.


So, our 3-4 LB corps. would look like this:

OLB: Trevor Scott

ILB: Thomas Howard

ILB: Rolando McClain

OLB: Kameron Wimbley


That looks like a fanstastic group right there. It provides plenty of size, speed and leadership to get the job done. If Rolando is what he's cracked up to be, our 2010 Defense can be a great one.

So it looks like Trevor Scott will get most of his time in at 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE on passing situations. He's quickly became one of my favorite players and I hope that he can push the diversity of being a hybrid player and make it to the Pro Bowl.

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