The injury bug, what we should think and what the team should do

Goddamn the information age! God love the information age! Why must I be torn this way! Fuck Twitter I say! My apologies to RRS and his post I am just another asshole posting his comments (ahem Mike1981). We have so much information instantly. DHB got a bruise on his left adductor magnus! Holy shit we are done! Schilens has pain in the navicular bone on his left foot! Wait! What does that mean? Hmmmm let me think. I am not sure but the Raider maniac fan in me says "the sky is falling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Let me blow the whistle! Ok anyone here know what diaphragmatic breathing is? Ok great Spirals explain to everyone and pass it on. Lets all relax. Schilens maybe as fragile as a porcelain doll but after a long analysis with my very good and best friend Tanqueray I have resolved to talk about some of the injuries and use my background of treating a great variety of injuries to sooth our Raider nerves.

Schilens may very well be a dud when it comes to his foot and it seems everything else on his body. We hear "stinger" and yell "oh my God" "I know what that is" "I have had that" etc etc.

Ok lets slow down. There are certain things in pro sports that are what can be classified as "garbage pail" terms. That would been a very broad spectrum term that does not really identify the true issue. Stinger can be 1. A neurological impingement 2. A joint compression 3. A trigger point 4. 1,000 other musculoskeletal issues that would be more specific either severe or extremely minor. Teams in general WILL NOT TRULY TELL WHAT THE TRUTH IS when it comes to injuries to its players. We all know the Raiders are notorious for being more secretive than other NFL teams. What we hear can be of minor consequence to reality. Do we really know whats happening? Probably not. Schilens is however I think a lame duck but for the most part our players are good to go. When the season starts the only players on an NFL team on the 53 man roster that are at 100%, MAYBE will be the kickers at the 3rd string QB. So diaphragm breathing again group. It's just the way the league works. As I say it's a collision sport so if we have guys at 90%, AWESOME we are probably ahead of most teams.

Misinformation! They never tell you the truth just a round about description of what a player may have wrong as required by league rules. My take on most Pro teams is this. They are stuck in the past. They do not want to deviate form what they know from fear of things backfiring and things being worse as a result. It is only when things are at the end line do they take a risk to get a player back on the playing surface. When ACL reconstruction first was developed it took around 18 months to recover, now because of new techniques and arthroscopic surgery it can be 6 months. The rest of the world thanks the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL for these revolutions in surgical improvements. However the treatment of soft tissue and joint related issues still dwells in the dark caveman ages for the most part. The prevalence of and continued use of cortisone shots, Novocaine etc etc. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! MMA is in its infancy yet it frowns upon such draconian measure short of being the only recourse. Why oh why my beloved Raiders will you not move to more advanced sensible measures to cure what ails our players?

I must confess those I treat currently hide their heads on shame when I ask every treatment "so how has the ______ (whatever I gave them to do) gone?" 9 times out of 10 they have done a piss poor job of doing what they need to do. My wallet fattens at the thought of continued visits with greater frequency than required, however the frustration continues. What is wrong with these athletes? LAZY! KNOW IT ALLS! INDESTRUCTIBLE! Until a few years down the road in their "careers" when things do not respond as they use to. I digress.

The injuries will always mount. It is after all a collision (not contact) sport. Imagine getting into a car accident minimum 20 times a year (including preseason) once a week for 20 weeks straight pretty much. There really is only so much that can be done. We can only imagine. The players however for the most can do more I suspect. There are several things I do after some brutal workouts that the next day recovery seems within reach, injuries are therefore reduced, inflammation does not build and our players can perform.  

Coaches want the players back ASAP! Whatever it takes! So goes the vicious cycle. If a player does not come back they are soft and if they do come back with whatever means at their disposal, often the career suffers long term shortening the possible longevity.

Lyle! What must we do?!?!?!?! Or maybe Lyle fuckoff you suck! I will answer the first. For the long term health of our beloved players 1. Ensure players follow proven remedial treatments by any means necessary 2. Look for innovative healing treatments 3. Do not pressure players to re-enter the playing field. 4. This is a sport that requires players to perform in one way at all times therefore imbalances must be addressed without taking away from performance at their position. It is possible in my teeny tiny minuscule mind however it takes an open mind and commitment.

Take it for what you will but it really is not rocket science in my mind on what will keep a player healthy and productive for years to come versus a player that will under perform and disappoint below expectations and capability.

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