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It Seems to me like there has been alot of panic lately about the current staus of our leading wide recievers regarding injuries sustained in Camps this offseason. Whether it's just speculation, rumors, or actual, serious problems, Darrius Heyward Bey, Chaz Schilenz, Louis Murphy, Jacoby Ford, and a few others have made it a fad to get hurt for some reason. While it may not be a threat to anything, maybe just The cable guy and co. being overly precautious, it could also lead to further complications down the road. Body parts that are injured, though healed, often have a tendency to be a bit more succeptible to injury later on, which is always cause for concern. We could wait and see, or we could play it cautiously and look to free agency and trades to fill in our gaps, if need be. This is what i propose




I take the approach: Know thine enemy. Which is why i pay extra close attention to the dealings of the Chargers. When I heard that Vincent Jackson is holding out because he wants a bigger contract and A.J. Smith doesnt want to give it to him, I was happy as a clam. One less threat for the raiders to deal with. But now hearing about our own troubles at Wideout, i thought to myself. Well if they don't want him, shoot well take him. When i proposed this idea to My fellows on this site it was met with more approval than i had thought. A certain respected member of this community suggested I put it into a fanpost and see who else agrees. So here goes.


Vincent Jackson is currently being offered approximately $500,000 at the chargers organization, however, they have placed some pretty high round tenders for someone to take him away. He decided not to take his 3 million dollar original tender because he wants a longer term contract at more pay than the chargers want to give him. I would like to make a case for Al Davis taking a good, long look at Mr. Jackson

  • He is at least a top 10 Wr in the peak of his career
  • while it seems that he is being selfish by holding out, consider that he is, in fact a great pro bowl reciever being offered chump change to produce at the level that some of the highest paid players produce at. In fact, Before looking down upon him, look down upon everyone else who threatened and is holding out for contracts. Darrelle Revis, Chris Johnson, Albert Haynesworth being a few.
  • The chargers are horrible at taking care of their star players (see Harrison, R.; Neal, L; Seau, J; Bress, D.; and more recently, Tomlinson, L) so what makes you think Jackson isnt justified in wanting to be treated like the catch-o-matic that he is?
  •  The only two players seemingly in A.J.Smiths favor are Antonio Gates (recently signed extension for around $25 million) an Philip Rivers (favored over Drew brees, who now holds one Super Bowl Ring over Smith's head)
  • Jackson cant be compared to Terrell Owens or Randy Moss. He is never in the news for yelling at coaches, players, disputing about anything, over celebrating, or anything like that. in fact, he is pretty much at least a neutral if not positive force in the locker room.
  • The only trouble that he has ever had are his DUI's which he has recieved suspension for. But thinking about the chargers, all of their players have had lots of problems with the law involving partying and Alcohol. How they keep a conditioned, functioning team with so many drunks is beyond my comprehension.
  • Since that is Jackson's only forseeable flaw, that shouldn't be a problem in Oakland. We dont have that many, if any, problems with drugs (excluding former quarterback imposter whom i wont give the satisfaction of naming) I'm sure Mr. Davis and company can whip Jackson into shape in that regard
  • The benefits of having him on the team are pretty much self-explanatory, he isnt another big name reciever who will complain about not getting enough touches or anything like that. He seems like a good guy who is willing to help his team win

In summation, I believe that he is worth paying the Chargers the tender, I believe it is around a 1st and a 3rd round pick? And if a long term contract is what he seeks, Al Davis, the master negotiator that he is, can surely whip something up along the lines of a 5 year, maybe $35 mil contract, with a fairly hefty signing bonus. Considering how much we saved by cutting aforementioned waste of space, the money shouldn't be too much of a strech, and even more acceptable if we should decide cut some of the fat off the roster (maybe a certain defensive back whose name rhymes with snout, or a lineman with a pension for false starts)


In all honesty I believe that this is a viable and very sound plan to sure up our passing attack, a great compliment to Jason Campbell and Zach Miller, and could be an extremely wise move.

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