Day After: Just Some Unsolicited Opinions

The points of this is not to recap the game. Raider-R-Superstar does a great job of that himself. This is just some day after opinions.

I'll start with Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski. I feel Bruce is the better choice to start. Now, before all the Campbell camp jumps all over me like a rabid coke head going through withdrawal and looking for that 50 bag he hid somewhere (apologies to any coke head going through withdrawal who can't find his bag the moment. There's a place for everyone in this world), stop, keep reading, and think.

Jason Campbell was behind a horrible offensive line. No doubt.  But I have some issues. Now while the o-line was bad, people have been saying that Brady and Brees, etc wouldn't do good behind the o-line. And that's true, but they would be more mobile and able to make more decisions than Campbell did. To compare man to o-line, first you must compare man to man and then man to o-line. It seems that Campbell may have gotten a little shaken mentally and looked like a deer in headlights.That cannot be. He's a professional NFL QB, by title, and should be able to handle such pressure. We have even harder teams to play this year and we cannot have our QB freezing and panicking. I also don't like how he blows off help from fellow teammates trying to give him pointers or encouragement. If he thinks he knows everything already, how will he handle coaching? But most importantly, and I've been saying this for a long time now, he has no chemistry with the team. I feel he was anointed starter and in a Russell type of way, took that as long-term.

Now, what I feel Gradkowski brings to the table IS the chemistry with the team. He has enough fire to keep the Offense and Defense in the game and playing hard. He takes no shit and has no problem holding a player accountable. Like the Henderson incident last year when he told him to get his head in the game. That's a leader. When he takes the field, he commands respect and takes full control. This is what the Raiders need. It also seems that Gradkowski may be intelligent, for lack of better word. Watching him last year when the blitz came it seemed he just tucked himself into a ball with legs and barreled out of the pile to a spot he already predetermined to be so he can scan the field and find the WR he's looking for. The WR's didn't have to worry if he was in trouble or stop and look at him. They ran their route, and he found them, expecting them to be there, and trusting them. A chemistry was thus formed. It also seemed that he never panicked and had a list in his head of routes to scan for. If none were available, he ran it. This is what I want to see from Campbell. I think maybe it is early to call for Campbell's benching because it would send a message to the team that the coaches are giving up on him and it could happen to any one. And that could be damaging. After all, these players are still human and have feelings. I'm not saying treat them w/ kid gloves, but you can't demoralize the team so early. But in a week or 2 if no improvement, put him down.

The trick play in the game was interesting. It's a shame it didn't work out, but it's good to see the playbook be opened. But we can't be doing that with the current state of the o-line.

I hope McFadden is starting to prove me wrong and this game isn't just a fluke. I'll be watching him closely.

Everyone was happy we got Hue Jackson. And while I understand he's an OC and Cable won't be calling plays, there are some flags here. Jackson has only be an OC for 2 previous years. Not consecutive and not on the same team. His 2 records are 4-12 and 5-11. Nothing to write home about.

The Defense needs to blitz more. Marshall needs to not be afraid and call a blitz. I understand that Davis doesn't like them, but even in the Kiffin era when Kiffin made Ryan blitz, we kept the game close. We lost due to prevent D.

Now, Tom Cable. He's supposed to be an o-line coach. He stated he has been working with the o-line more closely. If this the result, we have many issues. Tom Cable is a yes man through and through. Gruden was able to sit down with Davis and discuss situations and get things done, maybe he should tutor Cable on how to do this. Assuming Cable can complete a thought. For now the players are behind them, but if we have more outings like this, then I don't think he can hold the locker room much longer. The team is tired of losing. I know everyone wanted consistency w/ him staying, but if it's just consistent losing, then it's not good consistency.


And those are my unsolicited opinions.

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