Thoughts at the half

It is starting to look like another lost season.


It isn't because the Rams are so bad, because you can see that they have gotten better, and last year's record is not going to be this year's. It's because the Raiders just can't seem to improve in any real sense.


So far, what I've seen:


First Quarter:


A good defensive start, a big play on special teams, followed  by a truly awful decision to go for it on fourth down. I say awful, because points are more important at this point than anything else. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Nice sack by Houston, but that was more on Bradford being young, and not throwing it away.


Heyward-Bey is not looking impressive; trying to catch the ball one-handed is NOT what he should be doing. The ball was there deep, and he blew the play. 


Second Quarter:


McClain is having problems, missing tackles and assignments. Is he really ready to start, and does it matter? There isn't anyone else on the roster to step in... not a good situation.


Veldheer came in at LT, and his first play is holding when the DE blows by him. A few plays later, he is flattened by a DB!!! He gets eaten up by Hall for the strip. He is struggling out there... and Satele is still sucking, letting a MLB blitz in untouched for a sack, and not getting a push on the ball. Henderson goes back in and gives up another hit...


Campbell is having another day with the defense in his face, and under constant pressure. In the first half, 1 sack, 6 hits, 8 pressures, two forced fumbles. The pick I am not that upset about: late, trying to get something, anything, and it doesn't hurt. I did wonder why Murphy didn't even get his arms up for the ball; it didn't look that overthrown...


The defense seems to already be losing interest/steam, although they picked it up at the end of the half. They are getting absolutely no help from the offense...


My Take: 


No, it's not over, but the coaching staff better get their heads out of their ass, and figure out how to deal with what they have, or don't have. Jackson needs to call plays half as well as the Rams, and get the ball to Miller and McFadden before the rush gets to Campbell. The WR's look to be just blockers at this point; I will be surprised if, at this rate, any of them get over 500 yards for the year. The defense needs to stay in their gaps, and give up an extra yard or two on the rush than 15 on the play-action.


I am not happy with the players, but the game plan/coaching look even worse...

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