My take on this squad


Well we are 3 games into this season and this is fanpost number 1 for myself. I have no idea how these numbers relate to one another, but I'm sure there's a conspiracy theorist (If that's a word.) that could come up with something entertaining. I'm gonna break it down by the three squads we field, and where I think we are at in the NFL as an entirety.



Does anybody else look at the playcalling of last week as Hue Jackson subliminaly telling Al Davis "Look at me I love throwing downfield!!!" I see a working interview going on at the moment, and I'm not too happy about it. Last week we absolutely wrecked their defense in the first half with quick throws and POWER running....Power is capitalized because it wasn't ZONE which we stupidly went to in the second half. DMC is the real deal, and though you wouldn't know it, I was big on Bush this season, and not so much on the man, the myth, the (If he keeps this up.) legend. It seems like this team loves to hit up front, and with the guards pulling we can't seem to miss.....Pay attention offense because the running was what set EVERYTHING else up. Back to the throwing aspect of the game. I love Bruce Gradkowski....with our o-line his hot potato like reaction to passing works for us. However, his favorite receiver at this time DHB was targetted 11 times for 3 catches and a couple of PIs. Not bad, but you would think he may have made Louis Murphy his first target a few more times, considering his coverage was burnt most of the time, and every time he touched the ball he made 1st downs and then some. Miller was thrown to enough times for my taste, except for the fact that he went there when Miller really wasn't a viable option. I understand you don't have time Bruce, but let's give a checkdown or two a try next game.



Nnamdi you are the best in the world....We all know that except for John Marshall who had no problem switching to a zone in the exact times when Man coverage should have been the order. You have Nnamdi completely shutting Fitzgerald down, until they hit the red zone when you inexcplicably called the zone switch....Last time I checked Zone was for times when you had field to work with, not when a reception equals a TD. The run defense was semi-stout as we held a good 1-2 punch to around 100 yards total. Of course I'd love to see that number be cut in half, but considering how bad our run d has been over the years I'll accept it, especially when you look at the fact that their running attack wasn't what hurt us overall. Back to the secondary....You know the zebras are looking closely at you, and as much as I hate saying it, give them the one hit up front and then leave them close....Quit touching the receiver because obviously your breath is getting you flags. Oh and McClain....You keep up the progress and I swear to you a man-crush somewhere on the level that Nnamdi gets from me.


Special Teams:


FUCK YOU. Between shanking 3 field goals, and allowing an opening kickoff TD I say you all need a nice open field hit from Mike Mitchell in practice this week....Not even in a game situation, I think he should be hitting you right when you walk onto the practice field from the blindside....And if Mitchell is running special teams as well then he gets to go run full blast into a wall. Now I'm sure you are reading this and going "What about the 2 turnovers on punts?" and I can only say, just because their special teams sucked as well, dosen't mean ours get a pass. Lechler is the only guy in this area who does get a pass, because in my eyes the guy can do no wrong. I used to say the same about Janikowski until he proved me dead wrong.


Our overall look in the NFL is miles ahead of where we were last year, but still way behind the curve. We need to really take a look at what works for us, and plan to abuse those things on the next team that we play. The Texans are a team that can be abused in their secondary so let's get some play actions going and find our receivers for TDs....Only after we batter their front 7 for awhile with our obviously potent running attack. Our defense has their work cut out for them, but considering their starting left tackle is out and Johnson is a Nnamdi-factor (See what I did there?) I think we can beat them. Of course being a Raider fan my opinion is as byast as they come, but we can do this if we cut the crap, and play some football.



On a side note, my son Lucas Joel Sohm was born last night at 6:20 PM. I was going to name his Sebastian Janikowski Sohm, but that guy went ahead and fucked it all up. I may have jinxed him with that, but I refuse to take that much credit.

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