Who should we sign? Who should we let go? Who should we draft?

Nnamdi Asomugha Definitely should consider re-signing him long term but............for 17 million a year? 

R. Seymour - (Re - sign) Our entire defense improved instantly with the signing of this guy. Just as everyone expected. P.S. - I know we needed him in the game vs. The Steelers but i must admit, when he dropped "Big Stool Ben" Roethlisberger it put a very big smile on my face :)

M. Bush - (Re - sign) D-Mac lived up to his potential this year no doubt about it (THANKS IN LARGE PART TO COACH HUE JACKSON!) but he has developed a "knick knack" injury problem over the years, so having a potential starter as a back up nowadays is a great insurance policy to have. They compliment each other very well on the field. Besides has'nt he done enough to be re-signed?

M. Huff - (*sigh*) - I must admit i have been a fan of this guy since his long horn days. What is taking him so fucking long to develop into the caliber player we all hoped he would be by now is beyond me. With that being said, ( deep breath ) I think we should re-sign him and try him more at CB and let M. Mitchell and T. Branch get more playing time at FS and SS. (If no other players are signed of course.)

R. Gallery - (Really?) - He should have caught a ride home with Tom Cable. I am very confident we can do better. Remember, we wasted, a high 1st round draft pick on this guy when clearly this was the draft we needed to take the best player available. (Sean Taylor- FS - aka - The next Ronnie Lott) Wow that would have been nice! (Kellen Winslow- TE - aka " I'm a fucking soldier " < his words not mine :) Eli Manning - QB - Ben Roethlisberger - QB - Larry Fitzgerald- WR -  *cough* Roy *cough* Williams - WR - etc...No.. but seriously we passed on a lot of good / great players in the 2004 Draft to do what we "thought" was right by picking this guy, now many years and injury's later we are here in the present still with a below average offensive line problem hoping for some 1st and 2nd year players to save it. Stop wasting good draft picks and sign a proven offensive lineman or two when the free agent window opens.

Z. Miller - (Re - sign) No doubt he has the most reliable hands on the team, and we all know a quality TE is a QB's best friend. "IF" he can stay healthy only good things will follow. 

POSSIBLE 2011 FREE AGENT PICK-UPS FOR THE RAIDERS NEXT SEASON <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Champ Bailey / DB / Why? you reply... Why the hell not? Yeah, he is getting up in age, but our current crop of defensive backs will never be as good a player as Champ is or was on his worst day and there best. He should cost less than Nnamdi and will still have opposing QB's thinking twice about throwing the ball in his direction. Plus I heard he wanted to play FS to prolong his career, so that is a win win for our current situation right now. We get a proven shut down corner / safety, a vet who can help tutor the rest of our secondary, a tackler, a play maker, need i say more???

Corner Backs : Carlos Rogers- Was / Phillip Buchanon- Was / Eric Wright- Cle / Fabian Washington - Bal / Justin King- Stl / Kelly Jennings - Sea / Chris Houston- Det /

Free Safeties : Tom Zbikowski - Bal / Lawyer Milloy - Sea / Danieal Manning - Chi

Linebackers : Chad Greenway- Min / Manny Lawson - SF / Ernie Sims - Phi / D'qwell Jackson - Cle 

Defensive Lineman : Mathias Kiwanuka - NYG /  Alan Branch- ARZ


Quarterbacks * 2nd / 3rd String : Troy Smith - SF / Trent Edwards- Jax / Matt Leinart- Hou / Dennis Dixon - Pit / Vince Young- Tenn ( M, Huff & Vince Young are former University of Texas teammates and good friends maybe that relationship can benifit both vince young and the team. 

Wide Reciever Options : Vincent Jackson - SD / TJ Housh- Bal / Braylon Edwards* - Jets / Brad Smith-  Jets / *cough* T. O. *cough* Randy Moss...............i know, i know...........lets just move along okay.

Tight End Options : Bo Scaife - Tenn / Leonard Pope - KC / Desmond Clark - Chi

Running Back / Full Back : Cadillac Williams- TB / Bryant Westbrook - SF / Laurence Maroney - Den / Tony Richardson - NYJ (FB)

Offensive Lineman : Alan Faneca - Deuce Lutui- ARZ / Olin Kreutz - Chi / Jared Gaither - Bal


Of course we cannot sign all of these players, But thanks to our progress over the past 3 years we don't have to. We have a good young team right now, assuming we sign our own core Free Agents back, with the addition of a few new pieces this off season, and the 2011 NFL Draft all of the bases should be covered for next season. Hopefully we can wheel and deal some players this off season and acquire more draft picks or at least move up or both. But under no circumstances should we allow key players to leave without receiving some type of compensation in return. With that being said here is what I think our team would look like in the 2011-2012 NFL season if every thing goes according to plan. From the Coaches to the Starting Offense & Defense....................................................(*fingers crossed*)


Head Coach:Jon Gruden, Hue Jackson, Bill Cowher, Rob Ryan, Bryan Billick, Jim Haslett, The Schottenheimer's.

Offensive Coordinator: Hue Jackson, Bryan Billick, Kyle Shanahan, Josh McDaniels

Defensive Coordinator: John Marshall, Rob Ryan, Mike Zimmer


Starting Offense : QB - J. Cambell,  Vince Young, Matt Leinart or Troy Smith

                                 HB - D. Mcfadden, M. Bush or Cadillac Williams

                                 FB - M. Reese, 

                                 WR - Chad Johnson, D. Heyward-Bey, Jacoby Ford, Louis Murphy /

                                 C. Schillens / J. Lee Higgins

                                 TE - Zach Miller, Bo Scaife


Starting Defense : DE- R. Seymour, L. Houston, Matt Shaughnessy, K. Wimbley,                               

                                  DT - R. Seymour, J. Henderson,  Alan Branch

                                  LB - R. McClain, Chad Greenway, T. Howard, K. Wimbley,

                                  CB - N. Asomugha, Champ Bailey, A. Talib, S. Routt,  M. Huff*

                                  FS - M. Huff, T. Zbikowski, T. Branch

                                  SS - L. Milloy, M. Mitchell, T. Zbikowski


 Special Teams : KR -  J. Ford, J. Lee Higgins, N. Miller

                                   PR - J. Lee Higgins, J. Ford, N. Miller

                                     K - S. Janikowski

                                     P - S. Lechler

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