Oakland Raider Bars and Events:

Hey Party People!

Here at Silver and Black Pride we have gotten numerous requests from fans in our area and outside of the area that are looking for sports bars or other places to meet up with other Raider fans to watch the game, NFL draft or just hang out.

We have also found that there are many Raider related events that happen year round and we want to make sure that we are keeping all of you in the know.

For today's purposes, we'd like to get a list of sports bars that you attend when you watch the game and we will use this tread as a Directory of sorts for Oakland Raiders sports bars.

We have created a form  (Ignore the Phoenix data and just enter Raider info)that you can fill out to easily submit this information or you can leave your comments it in this thread.

We will also repost this information regularly so that the content is fresh. Stay tuned for a cool new directory feature in the coming weeks that's going to take your recommendations along with other information we gather and provide some really cool features for connecting Raider fans with beer!...and each other, anywhere in the world.

The early returns are in and we have Raider bars from Staten Island to Houston:

Bootleg Manning's - Staten Island - 2645 Forest Avenue NY 10303-1503 - (718) 981-4988

After scouting a number of sports bars on the island we felt 

Bootleg Manning’s had the best to offer. They have 6-42” TV’s, 

they reserve 2 for us every Sunday. Manning’s is very spacious 

with plenty of seating at the bar or at a regular table. Manning’s 

offers food and drinks specials during the game, and they have a wide 

variety of beers on tap and bottled. The most important factor about 

this sports bar is the location. Manning’s is located next to a bridge 

that connects with New Jersey, hopefully we can bring Raiders fans 

of the bridge to watch the games with us. 


The Library - 7459 Mission Gorge Road San Diego, CA 92120 (619) 583-5839

You can watch any game , free chorizo breakfast on Sundays this 

bar is legit . Me and my 2 homies represent for the Silver and Black  

but that's it.  We need some more of our brothers out there Pool, Darts,

lots of beers, good selection of well drinks , cool ass hangout , the owner 

Tony is cool as hell and will hook up whatever game you want to see. 

Kickass neighborhood bar that turns into football central on Sundays!


Sunshine Saloon - 1807 Santa Rita Rd # K Pleasanton, CA 94566 (925) 846-6108

Hopyard Ale House - 3015 Hopyard Rd # H Pleasanton, CA 94588 (925) 426-9600

Tons of Raiders fans and a fun atmosphere. Happy Hour and Great Food!


Brewley's Pint - 1261 Garnet Ave, Pacific Beach, San Diego (858) 270-9922

By no means an "official" Raiders bar, but several staff members are Raiders 

fans and the Manager has made it no secret that he is all for the bar becoming 

a Raiders bar. And lets just be honest, it is as close as you will find to a Raiders 

bar in the beach areas of SD. Shuffle puck table, pool, Large Jenga, great 

beer selection and Woodstock's supplies the pizza and wings... yum.

This is a fantastic start and I look forward to the rest of them. Cheers and GO RAIDERS!!!


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