Raider 2010 Recap and 2011 Coaching outlook.


What did we find out in 2010? 

Who are franchise player is. Darren McFadden was one injury away from being traded to the Browns for a 6th round pick or Brady Quinn.

We had a very good draft that will only get better as they get older. Our run defense isn't perfect but it is much better with McClain in the lineup. Houston can start at any place on the DLine and my guess will switch to DT as Kelly and Seymour begin to get older as well as him.Veldheer is a straight monster. My guess is he will be a probowler at some point. JacobyFord has legit super speed that no one can catch. He reminds me a lot of Steve Smith (CAR)except is faster.

Our Offseason pickups didn't do to bad either. Wimbly is probably our best pass rusher. Groves came out and did decent at LB. I believe Walker came back this year and did good.

Jason Campbell was the smartest move Al made last year. There is a problem though. He is not a franchise QB. He plays well when other players play well but it should be the other way around with QBs. I'm not exactly sure how Hue feels about Jason when he wanted Bruce to be the starter but said he was excited to how Jason does next year.

Usually when a new coach comes he brings in a new QB to make his mark on the franchise in that way if that QB does good it makes the coach look good and shows he turned around the franchise. Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Baltimore, St. Louis, Denver, Kansas City, NYJ, Lions, Skins and the Saints all had their new coaches bring in new QBs. Some worked out better then others. Pit and Indy have coaches who come to mind where they already had superbowl teams and doesn't look like they have done too much and there's been questions.

In the interview some one brought up Al Saunders and Hue said one of the names him and Al were thinking about. Saunders has coached Jason Campbell before. To say Campbell did good in his system is debatable. He runs an Air Coryell offense with a big 700 page playbook that Campbell struggled in. Campbell went down and the back-up Todd Collins excelled and took the Skin into the playoffs.

The Coryell offense is a combination of deep and mid range passing and power running. The offense relies on getting all five receivers out into patterns that combined stretched the field, setting up defensive backs with route technique and the Quarterback throwing to a spot on time where the receiver can catch and turn up field. The Coryell offense has the ability to both "eat the clock" with the ground game but also to strike deep and fast without warning. Critics argue that the Coryell offense is ill-suited for coming from behind, as the deep pass attack will be predictable and therefore easy to stop. However, the fact that the offense is structured around a power running game and tall WRs who can win jump balls and have some breakaway speed make this contention hard to support.

I'm not sure we have a QB on our roster that can do this. So of course like always it will be up to Al and hopefully Hue will have a say in things.

It sounds like Al wants Aso but isn't sure if he wants to spend the money. We won't have to blow money on a 1st rounder this year so maybe we can afford it.

McFadden's job is really the only one who is safe. It's possible we lose some players and pick up some players.

My guess is as good as anyone who the  D-Cord is gonna be. We will stay 4-3 but hopefully with more zones and blitzes. Like the Giants-Saints defense.

In my opinion our needs to fill in FA and the draft in order are







I won't make a mock until a little after the Superbowl but I'm already watching tape. Everyone keep making mocks so i can get a feel of what everyone is looking for.



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