Poor Baby Huey

I just want to make sure I understand the logic of Al Davis. After all, he does ask the Raider Nation to believe in his decisions. He is the "custodian" as he refers to his role. No one is accountable for anything Raiders except for him. Of course, Al reserves the right to assign blame to others when decisions don’t work out well.

Like head coaching hires for example. Let’s look at the really bad decisions Al has made and then try to somehow believe that Hue Jackson is a good hire in 2011. I like Hue and he is excited about getting a shot at being a head coach. Yet the fact remains, he is set up to fail and fail miserably. It’s just how it goes in Al’s world. If Hue succeeds, Al will find a way to negate the success.

We’ll draw the line of demarcation with John Madden. He was a good hire in retrospect but at the time, he was a big risk. He was early 30’s, unproven as a head coach. He had the opportunity to learn on the job and what saved his employment was he was a yes man to Al. As Snake tells it, Madden was crafty when disagreeing with Al when he felt the need for it. he had to pick his spots as all coaches have to learn. But in the end, he recognized who the boss was and just played the hand he was dealt. I get the feeling Hue is a similar character. You need to have a temperament of accepting Al’s meddling to hang on to the job.

The difference is Al was not in wheelchair and had the ability to maneuver on the sidelines in Madden’s day. He was Madden’s shadow. Madden did not even call plays. The Quarterback actually called plays in the 70s. The head coach just stood around and motivated players as his primary mission. Back in those days, all he had to do was yell at the refs and make it look like he was in charge. Madden got an ulcer anyway and retired from coaching after beating the Vikings in the Super Bowl. Too many years of frustration in playoff defeats led to his ulcer.

Tom Flores was as much a puppet coach as you can get. He had no authority at all and was too polite to even ask for any.

I know I’m skipping some hires but look at Art Shell. He didn’t do too well in LA or Oakland. He went from being promising to almost really good and then plummeted to goat. That guy was just a bad head coach. A great player but a lousy head coach. I still find it hard to believe Al let Shell choose the bed and breakfast guy as an offensive coordinator. That should be all the proof we need Al is truly clueless. He expects us to believe it was Shell’s call to hire that guy.

We all know what happened with Mike Shanahan. A young, promising head coach needed the authority to make things work and he ran afoul of Al in the process. Only to go on to much success with division rival Denver.

Then we have Mike White who was unceremoniously fired on Christmas Eve. Al has no soul so I’m sure he did not notice what day it was.

Joe Bugel? Like Bill Callahan, the guy knew how to coach offensive linemen as one of the best. As a head coach he was a foot in mouth type of guy. Tom Cable is just one of four offensive linemen head coaches Al has fired with vengeance: Shell, Bugel, Callahan and Cable. Al just never learns from his mistakes and as the rolling camera revealed, Al did not even know anything about Tom Cable when he made the hire or maybe we was just dippy from his meds.

We’ve already discussed Jon Gruden at length. A Raiders head coach is not allowed to have an identity greater than Al. He was sent on his way for that reason. Need we go on to know that Al simply has not made any coaching hires worth a damn. I’ll give you Madden and Gruden but they are more successful as broadcasters now strangely enough. The luster of Gruden’s bravado as a head coach has worn thin. I know Hue has the best of intentions but he doesn’t stand a chance. The last thing any Raiders fan is interested in is bluster about bullying teams. Every team has big guys. You aren’t bullying anyone. What you are going to be is fired in 2 years.

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