This offseason got off to an unexpected dramatic start, with the non-renewal of Cable and the automatic void on Nnamdi's contract. Many have been skeptical but I always knew the crazy old man had something up his sleeve. During week 16 we were at our tailgate party and I read an article that hue might leave for another team to head coach, i told everybody I WANT TO KEEP HUE OVER CABLE IF WE HAD TO CHOOSE ONE. We saw what we looked like without hue, i know JaWalrus played a part in that but still, our offense was horrid and Darren McFadden was playing wide receiver? But with Hue I love the bully attitude that we need. BULLY OTHER TEAMS! NOT OUR WIFES AND ASSISTANT COACHES ;).

But within the last few weeks I am growing very optomistic about our 2011 season (if there is one). Hue has done a good job bringing Saunders for the offense and now Wiz as assistant O-line to mentor our young line, and I believe Winston Moss will be our DC. But what I want to look at now is how our Roster will look next year. With all our KEY free agents, and league wide free agents, im interested to see the moves we make.

Raider Free Agents

Nnamdi Asomugha-Now of course everybody loves ASO, he's on his own planet when covering someone. Al has taken great pride in this pick depending on all the scrutiny he got to the type of player Nnamdi is now. We all know Al has no problem opening his wallet but at what price will it cost to keep asomugha? I read a report dec 9 that Nnamdi was talking on a Miami radio station and stated he was optomistic he would sign a new deal this year at 5 years 75 million. My opinon: Nnamdi stays to keep this defense united ( 5 years 75 million). offseason.html

Richard Seymour-BIG RICH! We all know what he's done for this team. He's a winner, a future hall of famer and a great teacher. Our D-line has grown so much under his guidance and I see that continuing. My Opinion: Seymour stays (3 years 32.5 million)

Zach Miller-Our best offensive weapon, a second round steal in the forgetful draft of JaWalrus. Great blocker, route runner, catcher, great player. Theres no question in my mind that he will be back. Al will not let his best reveiver go, no way in hell. My opinion: Miller stays (5 years 27-30 million)

Robert Gallery-Gallery is interesting, he was a cant miss LT? We missed. But he has been a quality LG and mentor of Veldheer. One problem with gallery though is he gets injured a lot and was a puppet for Cables ZBS, with us switching to power, I am not sure if Gallery will succeed, plus he wants to be with Daddy Cable. Also we may have options with Mankins being a free agent, I would want Veldheer to learn from a perrenial probowler, not a nearbust injuryprone utility lineman. My opinion: Gallery is offered a decent (4 years 15 million by us and he walks to Seattle).

Kam Wimbley-An absolute beast, will learn better coverage as will Death Ro under Biekert. Many have speculated his contract is up, its not. He is under contract for 2011 but at much less money than he made in 2010, it's a voidable year but I dont think we will void it considering what he can do in run support and pass rush. My opinion: Kam is rewarded a new contract pre training camp after the draft and free agency dust is settled.

Michael Bush-Just a warrior out there. I love Mike Bush, he's a great player with great skills for a man his size. He is a dream 2nd half RB because nobody wants to try and tackle him. He is a restricted free agent depending on the new CBA, so we will get some sort of compensation. He and McFadden are a dynamic duo, may be the best in the NFL. I also heard he is ecstatic about playing for Hue. My Opinion:We 2nd round tag Bush, he pursues starter money but returns on a short term deal so he can be free in 2 years. ( 2 years 12 million)

Michael Huff-It's funny, everybody including myself has bashed on Michael Huff about not reaching his potential and mightily struggling this year. And then he is named an All-Pro? HUH? Lol. Michael had a good year for a player in a our difficult system. I feel Al loves Michael Huff because of where he drafted and he has improved mightily since his rookie year. He would be a starter anywhere in the NFL. My opinion: Huff stays ( 3 years 16 million) (We may however do it and use him as trade bait draft day, we can get a 3rd for him)

Stanfod Routt-The BOOOOO machine. Who it turns out had a pretty damn good year. Are we all blind? I thought he sucked and ESPN does a write up on how he was a top 5 corner in the league. With his speed which Al loves and the year he had, he will be getting calls from other teams. Why couldnt he have done this last year when we tagged him a 1st and 3rd lol. My opinion: Routt leaves, we offer a short term incentive based contract and he walks.

Samson Satele-Not the center for this system, constantly pushed on his backside. We will target a center in the draft but keep Satele as insurance. My opinion: Samson stays in a backup role (1 year 2 million)

John Henderson-A MAN! Injured a majority of the year but showed fire leadership and great runstopping skills when in there. I think he loved the Silver and Black and Wauffle loves rotating 7-8-9 linemen. My opinion: John stays one more year (1 year 2 million)

Langston Walker-Big and slow but at times got the job done, IMO no way he starts next year but he's a cali boy and Al seems to love him. My opinion: Langston stays for insurance since he can play guard and tackle (1 year 1.5 million)

Khalif Barnes- Became a fan favorite against KC, brings life to the team, steady starter in Jacksonville. My opinion: Khalif stays so he can catch more touchdowns lol (1 year 2 million)

Bruce Gradkowski-Many loved him and then Miami happened, he was a nightmare this season. Cant compete with JC but cable loved him so he kept switching back and forth. He is not a starter and as a backup he will only cause division in our fan base since so many love him. You chant BRuuuuce and I chant see YOOUUUU  later. My opinion: Bruce is not offered a contract by us, he walks to SF.

Jarvis Moss-He has talent but who was there to teach him in Denver? He's big, fast and a 4-3 specialist. We all know Al loves former 1st rounders, especially ones filled with potential. My opinion: Jarvis stays (2 years 4 million)

Must signs for depth- Daniel Loper( you didnt hear his name at all when he was starting for Gallery, thats a great thing) Rock Cartright (Energizer for the team, gives life at dead times, special teams specialist)


We have the highest payroll in the NFL, but with Routt, Grad, Gallery and maybe Bush leaving, thats a good 20 million free'd up. Also, the contracts of Walker, Barnes, Henderson, and Satele will be extremely lower than they were which should free up another 4-5 million. And with Huff possibly being trade bait draft day, thats another 5 million. Now depending on the CBA, we still may be over the cap even with that 30 million freed up but with Al getting close to the finish line, he will pay whatever penalty he has to to make this team a winner.

Vincent Jackson-An absolute monster at 6-5 with speed and hands which this team needs, he may also want to stick it to SD twice a year for being bitches to him about paying him. He would be a dream scenerio for JC and VJ to hookup 10 times every sunday. My opinion: Jackson is Franchised and holds out again until he is traded.

Sydney Rice-Broke out 2 years ago and was absolutely riddled by injury this year. He's big and fast and has a nack for catching the ball in traffic and catching it at its highest point. It will be interesting to see how much money is thrown at him after being injured all year, and as Raider fans know from Bo Jackson, hip problems sometimes never heal. My opinion: We offer him a 3 year 18 million dollar deal but he stays in Minnesota.

James Jones-A guy I want to pursue, has a rep as a hard worker, performing very well in the playoffs, great route runner, and from San Jose State. I think we take a run at him. My opinion: We offer jones a 2 year 10 million dollar deal.

CHAD JOHNSON- HE WILL BE A RAIDER IN 2011, many may be angry or hate, but lets face it, we dont have a #1 Receiver. Despite his age, he still has it and knows how to work to stay in shape, knows how to run routes, and has great hands. If he didnt, he wouldnt be playing at 33. He'll teach our receivers how to play receiver. He loves to be in the spotlight which I dont mind because it will bring that spotlight to the Blackhole which we are craving. He loves hue, Hue loves him. And Chad has never been called a bad teammate or opposition, many love him and respect him in the NFL. My opinion: Chad johnson #88 Oregon State is his intro on Monday Night Opener for us against KC. We trade a 2012 3rd rounder to Cincy, swap 5th rounds in 2012, send a 2012 6th rounder, and recieve a 4th in 2011 along with Chad Johnson.

Logan Mankins-If we let gallery walk its because of this guy, he's a perrenial probowler and a top 5 NFL guard. With him mentoring this line, we could be greatly improved. He's also from Fresno State so may want to return to Cali. My opinion: We break the bank and Mankins is wearing Silver and Black in 2011 (4 years 38 million, 20 guaranteed).

Tyson Clabo-Many consider him the best RT in football, if he wants to leave ATL, every team will have their checkbook ready. My opinion: He stays in ATL.

Jared Gaither-Showed great promise his first 2 years, then got injured and fell out of favor to the moviestar Oher. He played for Hue before and I believe he will again to solidify the rightside of our line. My opinion: Gaither comes to Oak (2 years 18million)

Matt Light- Great veteran, reliable lineman, up there in age, but can make sure all of our young linemen make it to that age in the NFL too. My opinion: He will be a second resort to us but can be a valuable pickup.

Kirk Morrison-We all know Kirk and how he struggled at MLB but with his speed and steady tackling skills would he be a natural at OLB, and did we set this up so he can resign now and we got Jacoby for free? Who knows? My opinion: I may get an uproar but Morrison resigns with us to play alongside Death Ro. (3 years 13 million)

Barrett Rudd- Great player, athletic smart and sure tackler, angry at TB for not giving him a contract extension so most certainly will leave. Could be a valuable pick up for lb. My opinion: If we miss out on Kirk or Greenway we turn to Rudd.

Chad Greenway-No need for description, the best LB available this year. He's Defensive free agent target # 1. My opinion: Al opens the checkbook for him, what will it cost to play along side Death Ro, Kam, Seymour Henderson Houston Kelly and Aso?

Jonathan Joseph-One of the best young free agents on the market, physical and can play in any scheme. Will see alot of money from alot of teams, but the idea of playing with THE BEST, may have some pull, Planet Asomugha and Joseph Island may form a silver and black black universe where WR's dissapear. My opinion: Joseph is the 1st CB we target because of his skill and age.(4 years 30 million)

Champ Bailey- One of the best of all-time with alot of game left. Al loves his veterans and if we strike out on Joseph, mark my words. CHAMP AND NNAMDI WILL FORM THE GREATEST CORNER DUO OF ALL-TIME! My opinion: If Joseph lands somewhere else, we sign Bailey, 2 years 18 million.                                                                                                                                            

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