Al Trusts Hue

The more information that comes out the more it shows that Hue has Al's trust more than any coach we have had in a long time.

“The fire in Hue will set a flame that will burn for a long time in the hearts and minds of the Raider football team and the Raider Nation,” - Mr Davis



Found this presentation from Bleacher report:

which prompted some thought in relation to our owner, our new head coach and the state of the Raiders moving forward.


Al Davis is allowing Hue Jackson to conduct all interviews for the defensive co-ordinator position, I cannot remember the last time that the coach was allowed to pick his own DC for the Raiders and illustrates Mr Davis's trust in Hue Jackson and perhaps a loosening of the influence Mr Davis is said to have on the D.  


Also all of the interviewees are proponents of the 3-4 scheme which would be a major change in philosophy from what we have seen from the Raiders for many years (although all our super bowls were won in a 3-4) but with Hue coming from Baltimore it seems Hue is being allowed to implement his philosophy on defence as well as offence.  I personally like the idea of moving to a 3-4 and if Hue can infuse the same attitude and similar scheme that they run in Baltimore I would be ecstatic.  The interesting thing for me would be how our current D-Line personnel would fit into a 3-4 as you would think Seymour and Houston would be the ends but I can not see how Tommy Kelly fits as I do not see him making it as a NT.


Hue has also hired his own OC in Al Saunders from Baltimore all these things point to a new era in Oakland with a coach that fully Al trusts and while i think Al's influence has been overstated in the past, Mr Davis seems to be giving much more control to the head coach than any I can remember in a long time as in recent history Al has really been putting the coaching staff together himself, and is also seems that the hiring of Wiz was Hue's call as well judging from his comments.


I personally have full confidence in Hue and feel that he is the right man to take us to the promised land and am nothing but encouraged by the way he has taken ownership of this proud franchise  and moves he has made so far, Hue seems to be trying to make the Raiders, Ravens 2.0 which is fine with me as I have always loved and respected the way the Ravens play. 


There are also some interesting things in there about Gaither (who I have said should be our number one target for a while) and Le'ron Mclain should Bush leave.


The bottom line is that Al seems to be giving Hue full power to build the whole team - both sides of the ball to his vision which is what many have been pining for for a long time.


This is a new era in Raider Nation, we are building the new Bully of the NFL, I seriously can not wait until next season.



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