This is a somewhat crazy idea.

Generally, I try to avoid doing any reading on the toilet. When I'm taking a dump and I have my laptop with me I tend to prefer to watch funny videos.

However, just a few minutes ago while I was taking my talents to South Beach I found this article.

I literally did shit myself well before I had planned to.

Then I thought the situation through.

Let's just think about this for a second. Al for once in the past seven years does the smart thing and keeps Cable around. Hue Jack gets a head coaching offer from the Broncos (just because it makes my scenario more tantalising and because it's a possibility).

What if we brought in McDaniels, not as a head coach, but as an OC?

Most of the negative aspects of his tenure in Denver (personnel management in particular) wouldn't be a factor as the Cable Guy would still be in charge. However, no one can doubt his skill as an offensive coach. He took Matt Cassel, a dude who never even started a college game, and made him into an NFL quarterback and got him $63 million from the Queefs. During his time in Denver, he got the passing game running smoothly even with a mediocre QB like Kyle Orton.

Before anyone comes in and says that his offenses are too pass-happy and gimmicky, think about this - if you have Lawrence Maroney and Knowshon Moreno as your feature backs, wouldn't you want to pass more too? Conversely, if you have Darren McFadden and Michael Bush wouldn't you look to run as much as pass?

Plus, let's not overlook the "Fuck You" factor he'll be feeling towards Denver. I'm sure that he would gladly take an OC job with us, or Kansas City (who have apparently ruled him out) in a heartbeat if it means he gets the chance to pound on his old team. Look at what Shanarat did to us in Denver - wouldn't it be nice to get some of our own back?

The only real danger I see with hiring McDaniels as an OC is that he seems like the kind of guy who tends to get into power struggles - however if he ever got on Al or Cable's bad side I reckon Tom'll just deck him and be done with it.

I'm not saying either that we should fire Hue Jack by any means. Like everyone else, my first choice would be to keep our current coaching team together. However, I don't reckon we'll be able to. If Al goes against the media and keeps Cable, the Bongos/Bengals/other desperate team will make Hue a HC. Or Al will give Cable a bus ticket (and try and duck the ensuing left hook) and promote Hue.

I'll admit this situation scares me. I have nothing against Hue as an OC, in fact I think he's a great one (occasionally bizarre playcalling nothwitstanding) but I also have an innate distrust of making wunderkind coordinators HCs. Just listening to my best mate (a die-hard Vikings fan who I trust every spring weekend to protect my skinny arse as my left tackle) whinging about Brad Childress will do that to you.

So assuming we can't have both, I would rather we kept Cable, let Hue walk and snapped up McDaniels as our new Offensive Coordinator.

What do you guys reckon? Am I onto something, or should I stay away from pondering thoughts on the dunny after bong usage?

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