RF21's Offseason. ( A Cheese Head Could be Coming To OakTown)

Darren Perry or Winston Moss could be coming. I think Moss is our 1st option and Perry the 2nd. Perry is the safeties coach who coached for us in 07 08 I think.

McClain's vehicle was shot at the other day. The police said they weren't sure if the person knew it was McClain or not in the car. Good thing Silver and Black are neutral gang colors ay?

Aso wants to stay. Bush and Gallery want Cable. Lechler wants to talk. Hell give us Aaron Curry and your 3rd round pick and you can have both. Lechler could be a nice smack talking addition for the Jets just give us your 4th.

Seymour and Aso both dropped out of the probowl so I have no reason to watch it.

The Senoir Bowl disappointed me in all levels. Last years class seemed much better. Fairley is no Suh. Gabbertis no Bradford. There was 4 safeties worth a 1st last year and I don't see one this year.

The Combine could change my opinion on some players. As of right now I see Locker as a Tim Couch and nothing more. My three QBs are  Colin Kaepernick Pat Devlin, and  Andy Dalton. I will watch the QB combine portion for these guys alone.

Of course how free agency turns out will decide the draft. If we strike gold with a top name free agents like Mankins, Gaither, Bailey, or Joseph. Also if we lose key players like Bush, Aso, Huff, and god forbid Seymour.

As of right now our biggest needs are OLB and O-Line.

Guys we really need to look at:

Three Tackles who are suppose to go in the 3rd: Marcus Gilbert- Florida- 6’5 320, Joseph Barksdale- LSU- 6’6 318, and DeMarcus Love- Arkansas- 6’5 315.Love being my favorite out of the three. He can play anywhere on the line and excells in run blocking. I can see Love or Barksdale being our next RT and Gilbert being a solid guard right or left. Some say Gilbert could fall to the 4th and could be a steal for us there. Orlando Franklin- Miami (Fl.)- 6’7 315 is another guy we should take a look at. 08, and 09 was one of the best guards in the country and stayed for his senior to play LT and couldn't do it. He's projected to go in the 4th. So there is some interior talent we can get in the 4th so i'm gonna say our 2nd and 3rd pick will not be an interior linemen.

So our 2nd and 3rd are gonna be a OLB or a RT. Last year's draft shows getting the backer first would be a better option.

How about Mr.Spartan himself.  Greg Jones Michigan State- 6’1 245. Played MLB and was the leader of the defense. Very humble. What sets Jones apart is his ability to play at an elite level (not only as a run stopper, but he plays very fluidly in pass coverage). He lacks ideal middle linebacker size, but makes up for this with natural instincts and quickness. An excellent wrap-up tackler, Jones quickly closes on ball-carriers and plays low in order to stop larger players. Plus if we switch to a 3-4 we got our stud MLBs. He is the next step to building a bully.

So the earlier picks are already done.

2nd- Greg Jones Michigan State- 6’1 245 LB

3rd- DeMarcus Love- Arkansas- 6’5 315 RT

4th-  Orlando Franklin- Miami (Fl.)- 6’7 315 or Marcus Gilbert- Florida- 6’5 320 OG

5th- Jake Kirkpatrick- TCU- 6’3 305 C

6th- Quinton Porter- UNLV- 5’10 185 CB

7th- Anthony Allen – Georgia Tech- 6’0 230

Now that's my precombine mock and a lot can change. We need another pick in the 3rd or 4th round.

Also I think we should make a move for Matt Flynn. Another cheese head that could start in a year or two being in our system. Remember the last backup for Green Bay is playing in a superbowl next week. Just a thought.

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