2011 Raider Free Agents. Who will return?

This is the list and beside each name is my opinion on whether or not they should stay.

Nnamdi Asomougha- If he goes our secondary becomes the worst in the league. A must keep for the Oakland Raiders.

Khalif Barnes- I like Barnes even if he is a false start machine. Keep if he doesn't ask for much.

Michael Bennett- As much as i like Bennett he was a waste of space this season. If McFadden suffers an injury in the offseason and Rock Cartwright gets injured as well i say resign him, other wise let him go.

Kyle Boller- There are better suited backups in the draft and free agency. Drop

Ricky Brown- Let Brown go and find someone better at the position to back up McClain.

Michale Bush- Another must sign player. Having a backup who can rush for a hundred yards each time McFadden gets hurt is a must keep.

Rock Cartwright- Keep for his special teams play and his leadership.

Jon Condo- The most unheard of guy on our roster and in the world of longsnappers thats a good thing. Resign.

Hiram Eugene- Drop and give more time to our younger safety's.

Charlie Frye- If we carry a 4th quarterback i'd love for Frye to return.

Robert Gallery- Best lineman on the Raiders. We have seen the line play without him and its not pretty. Resign.

Bruce Gradkowski- End any future blog arguements and game hindering wild throwing. Don't Resign.

Mario Henderson- Let this bum go.

John Henderson- I watched him play the past couple games and he was constantly hitting runningbacks and getting in in the backfield. Resign.

Thomas Howard- I don't know who Howard pissed off in the organization but he went from awesome coverage linebacker starting for the Raiders to season long bench warmer. Don't Resign.

Michael Huff- Finally showing he can play Safety. Sign if cheap.

Johnnie Lee Higgins- Don't resign and show him the door so he doesn't walk the wrong route.

Daniel Loper- Im not sure about Loper. Resign if we need a cheap backup or let go if we are filled up.

Zach Miller- If Miller doesn't return our passing game will very well go with him. Resign immediatly.

Stanford Routt- Keep if he is cheap and only as a backup/Nickel corner. I never want to see him start with Nnamdi again.

Samson Satele- Has done a good job at center even is t hasn't been amazing. Resign.

Richard Seymour- A big part of our d-line turnaround. Keep keep keep.

Langston Walker- No thanks.

Sam Williams- Al Davis' favorite. Don't resign.

Kamerion Wimbley- Had Matt Cassel Scared silly in the final game. Wrecks Havoc in the backfield. Fix his tackling ability and keep keep keep.

Thats who i think needs to stay and who needs to go. What do you guys think?

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