Sometimes things in life have to happen

Start by saying this is my first post but I love reading all my fellow raider fan blogs so I thought i would throw my opinion into the ring.With that said lets get to the meat of this discussion, the fact that Al Davis was basically left with no choice but to fire Tom Cable. I am as big of a Cable-guy fan as there was out there but in watching the Raiders this year and last I noticed a few things that could have lead to his downfall:

1. the raiders improved, I think Al would have fired him last year but he couldn't find a better candidate at the time so it was in the best interest of the team to keep him around but this year the Raiders turned the corner we could get a candidate with experience at head coach.

2. Penalties, I know we are the Raiders but I am tired of always leading the league in penalties. I know its the players faults but I would hope eventually the head coach would take it personally as a reflection on himself and find a way to make a change.

3. Lack of experience, you don't have to be experienced to be a good head coach, but everybody points to the offense being better but it didn't vastly improve til this year when Hue Jackson came in, and I believe Cable wanted to change the D last year before seeing it wasn't the best move for our team, and our defense hasn't improved much since we let Rob Ryan go, and that is a reflection on the head coach at some point. (If Cable wasn't really running the O or D, he most definitely should have been able to whip his players into shape to stop penalties SEE NUMBER 2) Also, Cable was notorious for running a slow start to summer practices, as a coach know these guys are adults get them in pads and get them out there, we don't have time to be doing things that should have been done in mini camps.

4. Face of Franchise, when Cable guy was hired he was a stop gap, he did a great job and he did the one thing I prayed he would do, got the raiders out of the "losers of the nfl" convo, with that said it always concerned me the emotion Cable would show on the sidelines and I still have bad dreams of him putting his arms up versus Arizona before the unfortunate ending. I wonder how he could be in control of the team when he was happier than most fans at home, or looking like he had no answers in a loss.

Tom Cable had reached his max potential and as a Raider fan I thank him but to everyone who thinks we should have kept him, do you honestly believe he would have had the answers to get us around the corner next year from 8-8 to 10-6? Would he find a way to cut back on penalties? Would he find a way to keep his team grounded all game and hold players accountable? Come up with new ideas for offense or defense? I can't say he would so I think its time while the pan is hot to try to strike. Whoever the raiders get as their next coach that person has to have a plan. A plan for the offseason to get ready for the year, a plan for offense and defense during the year. Also the coach needs to not worry about the best owner in football making moves that help the team, we need a coach who is ready to make the players on the field better and teach them to win games whoever they got. I think Al is leaning towards Hue Jackson, maybe he has a secret up is sleeve but whoever we get gets a team that is no longer losers and ready to turn the corner and win some big football games.


Thanks for reading my rant. Go raiders

For the record, I know Cable wasn't fired his contract just wasn't picked up

Ps....I am always available if the Raiders need a cheap option at head coach

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