MY 2011 Raiders mock draft

Ok, I haven't posted a fanpost in a while so bear with me. Anyways, these past couple of days I have looked at a lot of mock drafts. I seen some where they have us pick offensive linemen, quarterbacks, and safeties. I think that we could use them all but I have came up with a draft that will help out our needs. So here it is, my mock draft. Please enjoy.



2nd round:

Jimmy Smith CB Colorado 6'2 200



Jimmy has excellent size and speed for a corner back. He is also very athletic, kind of like our own cb, Nnamdi. Jimmy is very physical at the line of scrimmage and he does a good job on press coverage. He only had 3 picks in his career only because no one likes to throw it to him. (remind you of anyone?) He also has good body control and ball skills and he wraps up on tackles on a consistent basis. His awareness and good instincts will help him become a very good CB. Even though he didn't have a single interception in 2010, he was still named to the all-Big 12 Conference first team because of his coverage skills, especially in man-to-man.



3rd round:

Marcus Gilbert OT Florida 6'5 320



(He is # 76)

Marcus Gilbert is pretty big, 6'5 320 and ideal size for a linemen. We really need a replacement for Langston Walker and I think this guy can be the person we're looking for. He has solid pass protection  with a quick set and, he has a fluid lateral movement and willingness to go out and punch his man off the snap instead of waiting for the rush to come to him. His effective size and mobility will help him to be an extremely effective run and pass positional blocker at the next level. Marcus is a reliable, durable player who consistently gives good effort. One of the team's senior leaders for 2010. He is really mature, and he is a well-liked player without any off the field issues. He studies his playbook and constantly looks to improve. 


4th round:

Terrence Toliver WR LSU 6'5 204




Yea, he is 6'5!! Terrence is a what I like to call a matchup nightmare He has unbelievable size and he has good speed. He runs a 4.42 so Al might be interested in him. Anyways Terrence should be a red zone machine when he gets to the NFL. He is at his fastest when he is running long routes when he can get a full head of steam going. Sounds like a perfect fit for the raiders to me.Terrence is dangerous with the ball in his hands and it will not be hard to get it to him on Sundays. I think Terrence will be one of the many steals in this draft.


5th round


Dontay Moch OLB Nevada 6'1 245



I don't really need to explain why I like this guy. Courtesy of footballfan2577. He explains what Dontay can do. Just a nice value at this late of the draft. He has good speed and he can be able to guard the fast TE'S in the league. If you want more check out footballfan2577's mock draft.



6th round:

Tyrod Taylor QB Virginia Tech 6'1 210



I really had to think this one out because I really like Ricky Stanzi also. I decided to give it to Tyrod because he is so athletic. He can kill you with his feet and now, he is starting to let everybody know that he can kill you with his arm too. People say that if he goes to the NFL he should change his position to WR. I think that he is perfect the way he is. As a passer Taylor has all the throws in his arsenal. He can throw with zip or touch, is very accurate and throws a great deep ball. When forced out of the pocket Taylor shows excellent accuracy when throwing on the run, even against his body. While in the pocket he is very tough to bring down because of his exceptional quickness, hips and footwork.


7th round:

Jordan Cameron TE USC 6'5 235




Jordan has nice size for a TE. He can also be a matchup nightmare for opposing linebackers. Not much to say about him. I watched him in college a lot(fav team is usc) and he looks like he can play in the next level. Him and Zach can make a nice TE tandem for us.




Well that's it I hope you guys enjoyed it and once again a big shoutout to footballfan2577. Peace, I'm out.


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