Raider strategy and one unique tactic to gain edge over Patriots

These teams, though different, somehow balance out when strengths and weaknesses are tallied. The point spread is -4 NE. So what is needed is a solid strategy and "a unique tactic" to offset the matchup stalemate and computer generated results from simulation games that have us losing a close game.

New England is the #1 Passing Offense and Oakland is currently the #28 Passing Defense.

Oakland is the #1 Rushing Offense and New England is ranked the #10 Rushing Defense.

Oakland's Passing Offense is ranked #26, New England's Pass Defense is ranked #32.

New England's Rushing Offense is ranked #13, Oakland's is currently 28th.

However, computers rely on data fed into them and that data is drawn from actual Raider games. Therefore, something unique, something that the world has not yet seen - at least, not seen from the Raiders - is needed to gain a winning edge.

I will assume that Oakland's Offense will continue to move the ball and score points and focus on our Defense.

Buffalo made 2nd Half adjustments against both NE and Oakland with very positive results. The Bills showed teams how to beat the Raiders and the Patriots, at least under the set of conditions and circumstances in which those two games were played. I believe that the Bills' Coach Gaily has given us a basic strategy to use against New England, a strategy that we can tweak and improvise by adding unique tactics to it.

The strategy is basically this:  Load up on DBs and DL .... take the LBs out for NE - and run a 4-1-6 (or 5-1-5 as appropriate).  The DL would have Jarvis Moss in for Shaughnessy unless Matt's shoulder is game ready, Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly (with Desmond Bryant and John Henderson rotating in) and Lamarr Houston anchoring the left side (which the Patriots, incidentally, favor - as they rush predominantly to their right). Our DBs will be DvD, Mitchell, Branch, Huff, Routt and Chekwa. We will have only one LB on the field - McClain.

The unique tactic within this basic defensive set is this:

Bring pressure from the Defensive Middle between NE's Tackles with Seymour and Kelly (or Henderson) pushing in and apart and sending Rolando right up the middle - time and time again - to confront, disconcert and punish Tom Brady. That's it, except when NE adjusts to pick up our blitzing LB, we respond by dropping McClain into coverage and sending one of the DBs.


The middle is the key.

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