Oakland Raiders what are you doing?

Hello my fellow Raida fans. Sorry haven't been on in awhile but as many of you know I live in PA and it's hard to concentrate with all the Philly fans crying. Am I right? The only thing worse then a complaining Philly fan is any Charger fan. POW POW.

Speaking of Chargers did anyone see Tebow finally get in? Now the Bronco fans are going to have to find another excuse on why they keep losing.

Pete Carrol can picture Lebron James in a Seattle jersey. Which is strange because James is talented and right now I can picture fantasy stats and I don't see any talented Seahawks anywhere. Wouldn't fit in. Actually though any NFL team would take him besides maybe our opponents this week the Cleveland Browns.

I don't see why everyone in Cleveland hates him. He used to get the fans all excited all smacked up and all expecting to win and they lose. Instead of the usual Cleveland way of life expecting to lose that way when they win they get to be happy for awhile until they remember they live in Cleveland. In all honesty Ohio pro teams are awful. Cleveland fans should be happy he's gone and now they get to laugh at all the shocked Miami fans every year when Lebron chokes in South Beach.

Ugh all this talk about other sports and other teams is making me wanna choke on my own finger Mary-Kate Olson style. When I say choke I mean there's something in my throat not what Matt Schaub did on that last play. Haha 10 men on the field that's just like extra salt on the old wounds. I wish I could of went but there were no seats left since everyone in Houston is fat and takes up 3 seats.

Now time for some What are you doings.

Hue Jackson what are you doing?Putting 10 guys on the field on the last play of the game? Since they ran a hurry up does that mean on the last two plays of the game? That would explain our awful secondary letting Schaub complete that wounded duck he threw get completed. Nice coverage Boyd.

Whoever gave permission to trade for Aaron Curry what are you doing?Getting players from one of the worst teams in football isn't probably going to help us. Yeah he's athletic but so what? We have two DEs playing linebacker already so his coverage skills will fit in with us. It's not that I'm angry we got him but I'm angry that we probably won't use our 1st on a stud linebacker next year.

Some of the Nation dissing McFaddens play last week what are you doing? Yeah he didn't have the best game but every time he did something decent it was called back. McFadden is other Schilens and Mitchell my favorite player on the team. Two years ago I was one of the ones on here who didn't want to trade him. He is in my opinion the best back in the league. He will be the biggest reason we go anywere this year.

Jason Campbell what are you doing? He's getting a tad better but still makes too many mistakes. If he wants to get a new contract next year he needs to step up to the next level. He needs to become a franchise QB. He won't be the best or smartest but he needs to become a leader and lead this team to victory.

Our offense needs a leader. A leader who's a bully. Jacoby Ford got hit dirty out of bounds last week and no one did a thing.

Carolina's Steve Smith got in a fight and Cam Newton jumped into the pile. I'm sorry to say I can't see Campbell doing the same.

Do I expect Campbell to get into Cushings face for cheap shotting Ford? No. I expect Murph, Schilens, or maybe even Bossman to do that.

We needed one drive to put the game away. Maybe even two first downs. Was Campbell ralling the team? No. He looked sloppy. I was disgusted with how bad our offense played its last drive. Campbell needs to become more clutch or he could be replaced.

Colt Mccoy is a winner. Always has been. If he was in the position that Schaub was in he would of took on Branch head first and fell into the endzone for the win. Our offense can't give him the chance to win the game we have to put it out of reach.

On a happier note Pryor is in the building. I can't wait to see how Mr.Davis's last project works out.


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