Revisiting the Recent Trade History of the Raiders

The Silver & Black are one of the most active teams in the trade market and in light of the most recent deal for LB Aaron Curry, I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the last four years to see how things have worked out so far. Jump over for the trades....

03/20/2008 CB DeAngelo Hall acquired via trade from Atlanta for 2nd round pick (34th overall) in 2008 and a 5th round pick (143rd overall) in 2009.

Ugh, if only there were mulligans available.  The Raiders handed Hall a 7-year, $70 million deal of which he earned "only" $7,589,315 over 8 games before being released mid-season.  This was a shocking failure by the organization.  Hall was a poor fit for the bump-and-run and was regularly beaten by opposing receivers despite having Nnamdi Asomugha on the other side of the field.  With the picks traded away, Washington used the 2008 2nd rounder on Michigan State WR Devin Thomas and Dallas selected Cincinnati CB DeAngelo Smith (ironically) with the 2009 5th round pick.  Neither prospected

04/27/2008 Draft pick trade: 4th round (104th overall) and 7th round (213th overall) picks for Dallas' 4th round (100th overall) pick in the 2008 Draft 

The Raiders move up four spots to select CB Tyvon Branch.  With the picks lost, Cleveland selected UNLV ILB Beau Bell at 104 and Jacksonville selected USC RB Chauncey Washington (Dallas traded both picks again).  Neither player has had the impact of Branch in the NFL.  Branch's measurables were off the charts and his on-field performance has been very solid.

04/27/2008 CB Fabian Washington traded to Baltimore for a 2008 4th round draft pick (125th overall)

First off, this deal probably doesn't happen if the DeAngelo Hall trade hadn't happened.  With the pick from Baltimore, the team selected WR Arman Shields.  Shields suffered a major knee injury after three games in his rookie year and was subsequently released in July 2009 having never produced a single stat in the NFL.  This was a typical Al Davis pick as he had the second fastest 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine.

03/23/2009 C Samson Satele and 4th round draft pick (108th overall) acquired via trade from Miami in exchange for 2009 4th round (126th overall) and 6th round (181st overall) draft picks

In what amounted to an exchange of centers (Miami signed Jake Grove as a free agent) for a sixth round pick, this deal was unspectacular.  Neither player performed as hoped in their new homes.  As for the draft picks, the fourth round difference was minimal (WR Brian Hartline versus OLB Slade Norris) and the sixth round pick, OT Andrew Gardner (Georgia Tech) did not develop into even a solid backup.

04/25/2009 Draft pick trade: 2nd round (40th overall) for 2nd round (47th overall), 4th round (124th overall), and 6th round (199th overall) picks

The Patriots used the pick on DT Ron Brace (Boston College) who has had a very limited pick for them.  The Raiders in turn selected SS Mike Mitchell (Ohio), WR Louis Murphy (Florida) and DE Stryker Sulak (Missouri).  Sulak was curiously never even signed after the draft and survived only 3 weeks with Green Bay that offseason.

04/26/2009 Draft pick trade: 2009 6th round (202nd overall) for 2009 7th round (216th overall) and 2010 6th round (175th overall) picks

The Raiders picked up TE Brandon Myers (Iowa) and Carolina selected CB Captain Munnerlyn (South Carolina) and DE Greg Hardy (Mississippi).  This trade was a win for the Panthers - Captain Munnerlyn is a very good punt returner and a decent CB with 3 career picks so far, plus Greg Hardy has six sacks and is starting this year.  Not a good trade for Oakland, but also not one that set the team back significantly.  You could have argued that Myers would have been available at 216 too.

08/06/2009 DE Derrick Burgess traded to New England for a 2010 3rd round pick (85th overall)

Burgess (age 30 at the time of the trade) lasted only one year in New England.  He did record 5 sacks and a forced fumble but by 2010 he was out of the league.  The Raiders used this pick later in the Kamerion Wimbley trade with Cleveland effectively meaning they traded Burgess for Wimbley - something I'd do ten times out of ten.

09/06/2009 DE Richard Seymour acquired from New England for a 2011 1st round pick (17th overall)

Seymour has had an amazingly consistent career over 10 years averaging 5 sacks, 3 PD and 30 tackles per year.  For 2011, he already has 5 sacks.  The Raiders paid a steep price for Seymour (1st round pick and $16.7M over the previous two years) but he's been all that and more - a high producer on the field and a team leader off the field.  This might be the best trade of the last four years.  New England by the way selected OT Nate Solder (Colorado) with the pick who started already this year but only due to injury.

03/14/2010 LB Kamerion Wimbley acquired from Cleveland a 2010 3rd round (85th overall) pick

Cleveland selected QB Colt McCoy (Texas) with the pick, who is now their starting QB.  Wimbley was very effective for the Raiders, producing 9 sacks.  Given the contract the Raiders handed Wimbley this offseason it would be possible to argue that we could have signed him as a free agent this year, but that would have meant another year with Trevor Scott at SLB or heaven forbid Secret Sam.

04/21/2010 LB Quentin Groves acquired from Jacksonville for 2010 5th round (158th overall) pick

Groves was maligned in Jacksonville and has only been slightly better in Oakland.  With the addition of Aaron Curry this week, it gives the team more flexibility to use Groves in situations more suited to his strengths.  New Orleans used the draft pick on C Matt Tennant (Boston College).

04/23/2010 Draft pick trade: 2nd round (39th overall) to Tampa Bay for 2nd round (42nd overall) and 5th round (153rd overall) picks

In an uncharacteristic move, the Raiders traded down in draft.  Tampa Bay selected WR Arrelious Benn (Illinois).  The Raiders traded both picks again (see below).

04/23/2010 Draft pick trade: 2nd round (42nd overall) pick to New England for 2nd round (44th overall) and 6th round (190th overall) picks

New England picked up a stud in TE Rob Gronkowski (Arizona).  The Raiders elected DT Lamarr Houston (Texas) and ILB Travis Goethel (Arizona State) with their picks.

04/24/2010 Traded LB Kirk Morrison and a 5th round (153rd overall) pick to Jacksonville for a 4th round (108th overall) pick

Captain Kirk was a solid player and a fan favorite.  He wasn't resigned by the Jaguars who chose to acquire bigger names this offseason but he did land on his feet in Buffalo.  The Jags selected DE Austen Lane (Murray State) in the 5th.  The Raiders of course drafted WR Jacoby Ford (Clemson) who had a dynamite rookie season.

To summarize: the Raiders turned the 39th overall pick and LB Kirk Morrison into DT Lamarr Houston, ILB Travis Goethel and WR Jacoby Ford.  I would have preferred TE Rob Gronkowski over Lamarr Houston, which would have mean losing out on Travis Goethel as well but given his injury history that wouldn't have been so bad.

04/24/2010 QB Jason Campbell acquired from Washington for 2012 4th round pick

The team added another year to Campbell's deal shortly after the trade giving him $7,743,250 over two years.  That's dirt cheap for a starting QB.  He may never become a Pro Bowl QB but he's been a very solid player so far (QB rating of 84.4).  This was an excellent trade for the Raiders and an especially surprising one considering it was Mike Shanahan that was the trade partner.

04/29/2011 Draft pick trade: 7th round (219th overall) pick and a 2012 2nd round pick to New England for the 2011 3rd round (92nd overall) and 2011 4th round (125th overall) picks

The Raiders selected OT Joseph Barksdale (LSU) and RB Taiwan Jones (Eastern Washington) with their picks where as New England used this year's pick on CB Malcolm Williams (TCU).  The loss of a what will likely be a mid-2nd round pick year hurts but Barksdale could be starting next year and Jones has unique abilities.

10/13/2011 LB Aaron Curry via trade from Seattle in exchange for a 2012 7th round pick and a 2013 4th round or 5th round pick (based on playing time)

It's obviously too early to see how this turns out, but Curry has great physical tools and isn't as bad as the Seahawks seem to think - he just was picked too high and paid too much money ($33.6M for 3 years) for what he's shown on the field to this point.  Had he been their 3rd round pick, I think they would think he's pretty good.  It's all perspective.  Now compare that to what Oakland gave up (a throw-away 7th rounder and mid-round pick in two years) and a contract that costs them $370k if Curry washes out after one year or $6.1M over two years if he plays well enough to keep.

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