The Kool-Aid Isn't Working Here.

I woke up this morning and checked my Twitter feed. First thing I see is from a mate of mine (a Giants fan):

"You guys blew your load on Carson Palmer."

What? I hadn't even thought Palmer was a possibility. Had Mike Brown actually caved?

And then the impending sense of doom kicked in as soon as I realised what we had given up for Palmer. And, more importantly, that it wasn't a sick joke.

Generally, I panic at every trade we make before coming around within a couple of hours. Well, it's been about six since I heard about the deal and I'm still in DEFCON 5 mode. 

Firstly, I'll start small by considering what this means for Jason Campbell. Actually, the answer's pretty obvious here - unless he agrees to come back as a backup, he's played his last game in a Raider uniform. I personally don't think he even returns as a backup - some team out there with a rookie QB next year who doesn't want to play them right away will sign him and he'll leave because he's got to be pissed about being jerked around. 

Now I'll bring up the biggest issue I have with the deal - the price.

I wouldn't have minded if it was a 2013 2nd rounder - hell, even a first that year would have been OK in my mind. But not a 2012 No.1 and a 2013 No.2. That is far, far too much to give up for a guy who hasn't played in almost a year and who hasn't been really good since 2007. I know everyone's saying we don't need the picks - like hell we don't. Every team needs first round picks. There's always room to improve. And let's be brutally honest here - we are not, at this stage, Palmer or no Palmer, a Super Bowl team. Just because we had a good defensive performance against a crappy offense like the Browns does not mean our D has magically improved. 

Secondly, even if we were a QB away from the Super Bowl, Carson Palmer at this point in his career is not going to be the guy who gets us there. If you believe the crap coming from his camp about how he's throwing the ball well in workouts and how that suddenly means that all the evidence from the last two seasons that he lost a good chunk of his arm strength post-elbow injury is void, well, I don't want to call you a fucking moron but you pretty much are. Just think about the bio-mechanics of it. If a guy has an elbow issue, does it not impact on his ability to throw a fucking football? Just watch the Bengals last year when he's throwing the ball. A lot of shorter stuff, and when he does go deep he floats the ball most of the time. His accuracy is a tad better than Jason's, but we all know that's not saying a great deal.

In fact, don't watch the Bengals last year. I did this morning instead of studying for my exam this afternoon, and now I'm just depressed. Palmer looks horrible. It's possible that the asylum that was the 2010-11 Bengals got to him - in fact, it's probable that this is the case - but the bulk of the 4,000 yards that the "OMGZ WE GOT A PRO BOWL QB!!!" brigade have been throwing around came in garbage time when the Bengals had already lost the game. He may literally be the least mobile QB in the league right now (and he doesn't even have the quick release of a Brady to make up for it) and the one thing that hasn't gone away at all in his career is his tendency to throw boneheaded picks, something Jason rarely did unless it was to Vince Wilfork.

Look, I'm sorry in advance to anyone I've offended here. I want him, for what we've given up, to become a cross between Kurt Warner and Jim Plunkett. And if we do make a deep playoff run here I'm happy to eat this entire article. But right now, I'm spewing about giving up two very valuable draft picks for a washed up, injury prone, mistake prone QB. If we wanted that, we may as well have given Minnesota a 7th for McNabb. And I still don't know why we didn't go after Kyle Orton. Cause right now, as much as I hate to say it, Mike Lombardi's take that Hue overvalued Palmer based on his own history with him, and panicked after JC's injury - makes a lot of sense to me.

If y'all will excuse me, I'm going to go fail my exam and then go drink. Hopefully this is all a bad dream.

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