In regards to the insanity of the Palmer acquisition I had to think about what this would be like if we had this technology in the 70's........and we blogged our asses off in here then.

When we dominated the AFC West yet blew 3 AFC Championship games before finally beating Pittsburgh and New England to go to SB XI? Three straight years of pure fucking frustration...and when we didnt blow the Championship game, we died early in the playoffs as like I said, we ruled the AFC West.
I have to laugh because as much as we look back and think of those 'olympian' days of the Raiders, people probably would be bitching about Madden for this call, or Snake for throwing one of his legendary picks. Or Al about his over-coaching or intrigues or whatever.
In lieu of this trade for Carson Palmer, I cant imagine how insane the blog would be if it existed when let's say Al decided to ship Stabler and Jack Tatum off to Houston for Dan Pastorini...WTF!!!! The Snake and The Assasin??? Or my favorite Raider, Phil 'Foo' Villapiano, called into Al's office and having his opinion asked as to whether Oakland should pursue WR Bob Chandler from Buffalo? And after Phil said 'hell ya..we need that guy!' Al let Phil know he was being traded for him...Trade my favorite fucking Raider?????? (many beers to follow that act).

Or  a special blog by a passionate fan as to why are we getting this broke-dick useless turd Plunkett from the 49ers, who in those days were no better than a toilet bowl scrubber?

I just can't imagine the back and forths and insults traded to friend and troll alike....those might have been the good old days, but that shit is going on daily. Injuries, trades, waived, coveted, shitcanned....hasnt changed.

I like that Oakland is moving forward. I said in an answer to another blog here that after watching Hue's performance in his silver and black suit and tie in the 17 Oct press conference pre-Palmer that I liked what he was saying. I liked that his passion for the Raiders was evident, that he wasnt just managing the team, but living the team, and that while he obviously loves his players, he treats them like men...but these men as players are expendable...even Snake was expendable. Even The Ghost, Dave Casper was shipped to Minnesota before retiring as a Raider. But he underestands the business of those changes. Does not subtract from what the men have done (Thanks JC for helping be part of the turn-around, but ..) but trades happen and so does the tragedy of injury. I'm glad he didnt settle for Boller to take over the season. I will root for Boller 100% against the Queefs, but I want to see #3 playing against GB, Detroit and Chicago. Draft choices can whiff...and the Round One choices we have had in the past whiffed hard. Again I revert to anther comment I made in regards to draft picks. If you Wiki the 1976 Raiders and view their rather hefty list of draft picks that year, ONE guy started, and stayed with the team, Charlie Philyaw, part of our 3 man rush, and the rest of the names...I couldnt tell you who the fuck they were or what they did. None stayed.

We're playing in the NOW. We have waited too many years. If Palmer is a winner, and he stays for 2, 3 even 4 years then we have a super QB waiting in TP. Rodgers sat a long time. Stabler sat a long time. Steve Young sat forever behind Montana....

It's just perspective. Go Raiders.

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