We will only go as far as our Defense takes us.

It has been a very emotional 10 days or so for the Raider Nation,  Mr Davis passed away which has been especially hard on some of us like myself, we had an emotional victory in Houston followed by a victory at home against the Browns in which the unthinkable happened and our starting QB went down................




So we have a new Quarterback! I think despite some, myself included who still have a bitter taste in their mouths about the price however this is obviously a very exciting time in the Raider Nation.

But our offence has always been pretty good and has scored enough points in each game for us to be 5-1, we will only go as far as our defence takes us and unfortunately that is one area this trade does not help.  In reality we are still at the mercy of our DB and LB play, we have obviously made some moves in these area which if pay off could signal a deep run.  would we have been better off trading for Orton and sending a first somewhere for a DB? maybe but it doesn't matter now.

There have been some pretty concerning times on defence with fistly allowing the second half comeback in Buffalo, Allowing the last minute drive in Houston and giving the Browns a chance to steal it last week.

We have also made a couple of moves on the defensive end adding Curry and Ndukwe.  I have to be honest I dont know much about Ndukwe but seems like a slight upgrade over Boyd (as much as that pains me as a Ducks fan) and Curry at minimum seems like at least an upgrade over Groves and physically has the gifts to be an impact player

The bottom line is that while we have made some improvements on offense the biggest issue for this team this season has still been stopping the run and corner play so no matter how improved the offense may be and how much press the offense is getting with Mr Palmer behind centre we are not going to win games especially playoff games with out some major improvements on the defensive side of the ball.  Obviously our D-Line is beastly and If Breshanan, Woodson and Biekert can get better play our of the LB and Corners over the next few weeks with the biggest test against the Chargers I will be convinced that this team is capable of making a deep run.

We basically blew our load on the offense and looks pretty set now assuming Carson is still THE Carson Palmer the success of this season will very much fall on the defence


PS. I know we have all been getting preoccupied with the trade etc but please do not forget to continue the remembrance of Mr Davis.  

RIP Mr Davis.

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