Not gonna dwell on the negatives ...

And there were plenty to dwell on.  I (and a lot of the Nation) were worried about this game, and rightfully so.  Our fears were realized, in spades.  Everything that could go wrong against the Chiefs ... DID.  Most importantly, the guy we MOST needed to help us win this game ... DMac ... was not in.  But Bush did admirably in his stead.  

But all in all, that was one embarrassing game.  Chiefs haven't shut out a road opponent since 1973.  Fucking embarrassing to be the next one, 38 years later ...

But all is not lost.  SD lost as well, and as such, we sit but 1/2 game behind the division leaders, and we have two division games coming up.  No matter what, as long as we beat Denver, we have a chance to play for a tie for the division lead in 3 weeks.  And we will crush Tebow's Donks in two weeks ... I'm not the least worried about that.  Jesus or no.  We still control our destiny to a large extent, despite this loss.

And there were some VERY promising signs in this game, and the first one I want to mention (because it's SO glaring, and SO important) is the play of Aaron Curry.  Dude was ON IT today, making tackles, blowing up plays, almost grabbing a pick ... dude was around the ball every time I turned around I saw him in on the play.  And we all know how much of a liability that position was before.  Of all the things I can draw from this outing, the play of AC51 stands head and shoulders above all else.  His emergence is critical, and puts us in a much better position for the season moving forward.

Taiwan Jones also made some nice plays, and Van Dyke made a few as well, although he also made some glaring rookie mistakes.  All in all the defense played well, as did Bush, and the o-line played fine. 

The only one on offense who kinda disappointed me is Denarius Moore ... who, with each passing week, begins to look more and more like a flash-in-the-pan who had some inordinate success because other teams weren't game-planning for him.  Not saying he sucks or anything ... he may well be a force in a year or two, but I don't see him leading our WR squad, in a brilliant rookie effort, like it appeared he might be on the way to after the Buffalo game.  He's going to need developing the same way that DHB has been brought along I think.  It may take a couple years.  The question is ... will the Raiders invest the time and money and energy to do so?  He's not a #7 overall the way DHB was, so I tend to doubt it.  Here's to hoping I'm wrong though, and DM turns out to be the draft-pick steal we all hoped he might be.

All told, as depressing of a loss as this was, I'm still pretty happy with this Raiders team.  In two weeks, with 2 weeks of prep under his belt, CP is going to look like a new man, I guarantee it.  Putting him in, down 21 points, and expecting him to rescue us, was really not fair to him. 

But to be honest, I think Hue was trying to get him some play time, not because he was actually expecting him to guide us to a comeback victory.  He was put in because Hue knew that the game was over, even at 21-0 in the third quarter.  I knew it was, so I'm sure Hue knew the same.  Palmer was put in for practice, not to win the game.  And that was fine by me. 

I'm not gonna get down on CP for his lack of success in this particular game, not in the least.  This was the WORST possible scenario to come in under for him, and he ain't superman.''

Of course, I expect the talking heads to be ALL OVER that point for the next 2 weeks, questioning whether CP has 'still got it' and whether or not the Raiders made a massive error in bringing him in ... which is part of why I didn't even want to see him in this particular game.  But anyways, who cares, fuck them.  For them it's all about selling copy.

If we don't make the playoffs, they can talk shit, but until then ... I'm giving our new QB a chance to show what he can do.  And AFAIC, this week means absolutely NOTHING.

We are going to fucking DESTROY Tebow and the Donks in 2 weeks.  Mark my words.  This loss is irrelevant in the overall scheme of things.  Curry emerging as a bad-ass is all I'm taking away from this game ...

PEACEOUT, Nation. Keep the faith!!!

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