No question about it, Hue Jackson's Rookie-ness Shines

In Hue we Trust?

After today I really don't know. I saw several things from him that made me boil, and ultimately accept that while Hue is a great motivator and talker he's still a rookie.......Here's a short list!

1) Giving snaps to all three quarterbacks this week

-by dividing the starting reps between three guys, Hue effectively made all 3 quarterbacks 2/3 less ready.  Hue show's his rookiness, and the direct result IMO is 6 picks. Sure, I give credit to KC secondary, they played great. But still, If Boller, or Pryor, or Palmer knows Tuesday Morning He'll be starting against KC, I think this game turns out totally different.  

2) Hue's trickery this week looked more like rookie desperation 

-I mean seriously, two flea flickers in the same quarter? With Boller at bat? This move isn't sly and wasn't effective, and the misdirection toss play with Palmer looked like plain bad backyard football. Hue needs to learn, that while trickery has been effective for us this year, in a situation like today (where we have a new QB, no Mcfadden, no Janikowski, and facing a score deficit) that trickery is not the place to look for the "spark" to turn the game around. It made us look desperate, which we were for the entire game. 

3) Going for it on 4th and Goal (with direct snap to bush)

-While I totally agree that going for it on fourth in this situation was the right move which might have "sparked" something,Taking Boller out and direct snapping it to Bush was the biggest bone head rookie play of the day. I mean are you serious. The Chiefs stuffed him on TWO previous plays. The defense could effectively ignore every other guy on the field in that situation. I mean sure, maybe Bush could've thrown it, but not likely. I would have rather seen him behind center for a Bush power sneak. 

4) Letting Boller come out AT ALL in the 2nd Half

-Lets look at it. 14-0 with two quarters left in the game. Thats a lot of football, still a totally winnable game. But after the absolute garbage Boller performance in the first half, to let that chump even touch the football again was another Rookie mistake. I mean think about it. What was the halftime talk? Did Palmer have any idea he'd be going in? Was it a spoken ultimatum or unspoken? Again that drive coming back after the half would've been huge for momentum, and instead it was wasted,  and then we get Carson on the field. 


I hold absolutely nothing against Carson Palmer for his performance and I got to see some promising throws completed, and well, the picks, what do you expect Hue? The guy said he wasn't ready, and well, big surprise, he wasn't. I can only hope that the bye gives our stars enough time to heal, and we come out with a statement game against Denver. Two weeks for Carson to get a little more chemistry with our receiving corp and the playbook. While I still think the season is completely up for the taking, what we do in the next two games will dictate my ultimate feelings. With this unexpected loss, we have to now win 1 that we thought we might drop to get back to even. Thankfully SD lost, and we're effectively in the same exact position we were a week ago. 1 game behind SD, now perhaps clinching to the 2nd place spot. 

Hue, if you are the leader you seem to be, I hope you insert your foot in your mouth tonight at the press conference. at least 80% of todays loss lies in the previously mentioned points. 

on a positive note, when we weren't committing penalties, the defense actually played pretty good. 21pts on INT's IMO, which leaves one TD scored on our defense (and that drive we had stopped too, if not for a drive saving penalty)

this game was the worst i've seen in a while. I was bored with disgust and unable to enjoy my nachos. I'd rather re-live the Buffalo game 100 times than see football like this, today we reminiscent of 4-12 garbage football of old. Please. please, surprise me against Denver with a Win. I don't think I could handle anymore stats to feed the mirage that is Tim Tebow

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