Chiefs vs. Raiders: Positives and Negatives





- Michael Bush 17 carries for 99 yards. 

- DHB 5 receptions for 89 yards.

- Raiders averaged 5.7 yards on the ground.

- DVD's 1st interception

- Aaron Curry 1 solo tackle & 3 assist. Not to mention a force fumble on the goaline. Also almost had an interception.


- Carson Palmer & Kyle Boller both throw for 3 interceptions each. Palmer is rusty, so its understandable but as for Boller its another story. Palmers 2 interceptions were deflected off his own players hands, so i wouldn't have considered those as interceptions. 

- Defense allows 139 yards on the ground, and couldn't stop KC's third down offense which completed 46%. We allowed to many big plays to happen, too many missed tackles and no pressure on Cassel. KC averaged 5.2 yards passing in this game. Defensive line was no where in this game, LB's looked lost, CB's were being blown up all game in the 1v1 matchups. 

- Special Teams? D.Moore doesn't position himself right on punt returns which ends up putting Oakland on their own one yard line twice. No FG's & Shane lechler didn't have a good day. Special Team wasn't a factor in the Raiders game plan. 

- Offensive line played terrible, no question to that, Satele & Veld  had one of the worst games I ever seen them play. Hali owns Veld all game & Satele gets beat on multiple plays. No penetration from our line today.

-  Wide Receivers - probably the worst performance all year. Too many drop balls by Louis Murphy, D.Moore and even Jacoby who fumbled this game. All of these balls were catch able too which makes it more unbelievable. 

- Bad Play Calling was one of the biggest reasons why we lost. To many trick plays, not enough fundamental plays to keep us in reach of this game. Overly aggressive by both sides of the ball which ended up biting us in the ass. Coaching was terrible in this game, Hue needs to know when to turn on the heat and turn off the heat. By his personality, i think it makes him more predictable just like the play call when bush couldn't make it on 4th down. 

- Penalties, especially toward the end of the game, Hue needs to put these men in check. I understand they are furious but it shows the lack of discipline from Hue. Routts late hit and Houstons penalty were because of frustration and Hue should have did something about it. Obviously penalties isn't a big enough priority for Raiders. Hue, change this mentality into a positive mentality. Be a bully but be smart about it. Penalties murder us quickly in the game and it doesn't hurt no one but themselves.

What To Expect

I expect a bounce back. We all know as Raider fans that this win is a fluke. Clearly we can fix the problem and im sure we will. Also every time we come off a lost, we seem to play with a different mentality. We are a really good team, we have a good coach and its all about executing. Regardless of what i have said or others have said out of anger, Hue is really a good coach. But he really needs to get back to football and stay of out the media for a while. It seems he likes the media a lot, but he is a coach and his priority needs to be to fix these gaping wholes that even us as fans can see. Raiders will bounce back, and Carson will be far more polished then what he was this game. We shall be in full force for the Denver game hopefully. But as for now lets put this lost behind because we all know we've seen way better then this.

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