Post Blow-Out Questions and Rant: Chiefs @ Raiders.

     Like many of you, I was watching the game & screaming at the TV for Hue Jackson to pull Boller after his 2nd INT. (but he didn't). Hindsight is always 20/20 but I still maintain that it was good idea to start Kyle over Carson for obvious reasons, even though he sucked ass. Yes, the argument can be made that this was the first week that Boller had the majority of the snaps and that Samson Satelle and Jared Veldheer were not doing a great pass blocking job but, (as Ed Lover would say) "C'Mon Son!" 3 Interceptions in the first half! This dude is horrible. Yes, I know Carson threw 3 INT's as well but 2 of this were actually the reciever's faults. The first 1 was all Carson. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on the that first interception, it looked like the Chiefs were playing a Tampa 2 defense. Carson didn't make the right read and he also locked onto the receiver, thusly causing his first costly turnover.  The second interception was on Denarius Moore. The ball was thrown well and it bit him on the hand. The third interception was Louis Murphy's fault. Carson was leading him and he didn't even try to make the catch.

     The bottom line is, our two quarterbacks threw 6 interceptions and we got our asses beat by a team that we shouldn't have lost to. Can't cry over spilled milk now. It's time to move on to the confident Denver Bronc-Hoes with their Tim Tebow man crush. Before we officially put this game behind us though, I did have a few questions and pet peeves.

  1. Most players who get hurt and aren't "able" to return to the game, usually go back to the sideline after removing their pads. Why was Darren McFadden still dressed out and "standing" on the sideline? If he has a sprained ankle, one would think that he would take off the extra weight of the pads and also take his weight off the injured ankle. Something tells me that he could have gone back in but Hue wouldn't let him.
  2. Rolando McClain hasn't proven to be anywhere close to what we wanted in a MLB. He already can't cover well and he didn't practice the entire week because of his ankle/foot injury. Yet, he still started the game!? WTF? He couldn't push off his foot and as a result, he gave a first down on a 3rd down because he couldn't quite get their in time to knock the ball down. Blackstock should have started the game.
  3. Michael Huff and his non-tackling ass is really pissing me off. He gets paid waaaaaaay too much to be so mediocre. He should only be on the field as a nickel corner or as a blitzing safety. He is over-rated, over-payed and consistently under-performing. We officially have 5 safeties on the team now with the addition of Chinedum Ndukwe. His body of work is much better than Huff's and he plays the ball much better too. My vote is make Ndukwe the starting Free Safety.
  4. Why did we wait so late to get Kevin Boss involved in the offense as a receiver?
  5. I'm beginning to think that last year was a fluke for Jacoby Ford as a receiver. Maybe I'm being to quick to pass judgement on him right now but he is not doing anything worth a damn other than KR and end-a-rounds. Did you see the screen pass where ran into his own blocker and "tackled himself"?
  6. If McFadden was ruled out the rest of the game, why didn't we see more of Taiwan Jones?
  7. Since we were losing by 28 in the 4th, why didn't coach put in Terrel Pryor? The game was far out of reach so this would have been a good time to see what the kid had.
  8. For all the Jason Campbell Haters out there, PHUCK YU! He helped us get to 4-2 and we would have been 5-1 if the defense had made a few stops in the Buffalo game. Jason played his ass off that game. The question is, if Jason is actually healthy enough to come back in 5-6 more weeks, does he deserve to resume his duties as a starter or does he automatically become a backup?
  9.  Do you realize that with the Carson Palmer trade, the Raiders have now used 3 picks in the 2012 draft on Quarterbacks? (uuugghhh) (1st Round - Carson Palmer, 3rd Round - Terrel Pryor, 4th Round - Jason Campbell) What's really going on?
  10. I love Hue Jackson's enthusiasm and all his other positive attributes, but his play calling sometimes (especially today) is killing me. Why in the hell would you call a "Running-Back Direct Snap" on 4th and Goal? Who in the hell are you trying to fool? He had Bush, Jones, Ford, Boss, Heyward-Bey. Moore. Murphy, Hagan and Myers. He could have spread it out 4 or 5 wide and threw it or let Boller run it in. But hey, I'm just an angry fan who can't stand to see his team get blown out at home byt the Queefs! What the hell do I know? (Did I also mention that he called the Flea Flicker....TWICE! If you're gonna do that, you might wanna tell Darrius Heyward-Bey that he needs to act like he's down field blocking first and then take off on his route. He pretty much just ran his route as soon as he got off the line and the DB covered him just like he was supposed to. No trickery there.)

I would really appreciate if someone could provide some insight  on these issues please.

Follow me on twitter @tsugoldie.

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