A Closer Look at Carson's Performance

        When looking at Carson Palmer's stats for the Chiefs game I believe it is important to keep things in perspective. He was only with the team for 3 days and the rust was definitely apparent in his 8 of 21 outing. However, there are some very positive things to be brought out of his performance. The number one thing that I find encouraging is that he was 3-5 for 54 yards to DHB. That is only after knowing the guy for 3 days! Look for this to be the start of a new era. The Palmer to DHB partnership is going to flourish.

 The obvious negative thing to infer from this data is that Carson was 5-16 to everybody else. That is not good by any means but it should be expected. The fact that he had such good chemistry with DHB was an anomaly for the short amount of time that he was here, that he didn't have that chemistry yet with the rest of the team is completely understandable. He targeted 9 different players on Sunday, which is a really great sign. He is already showing that he is going to throw it to whoever he considers open. I can't wait to see what he is going to do when he understands our playbook and has the timing down with all of the receivers. The offense is going to be open in a way we haven't seen since Gannon was here.

I went to and took a look at the stats to see what he did with each of his passes. I believe that the variety that this showed me is a very good sign and I wanted to make this post for all of you to see too. Here are his 21 throws and their outcomes, along with 2 that did not count due to penalties:

  1. Complete to DHB for 18 yards. (With a 15 yard Roughing the Passer Penalty)
  2. Incomplete to DHB.
  3. Incomplete to Michael Bush.
  4. Incomplete to Louis Murphy.
  5. Incomplete to Jacoby Ford.
  6. NO PLAY due to penalty, incomplete to Denarious Moore had it counted. 6th pass that counted was complete to Michael Bush for 7 yards.
  7. Complete to DHB for 21 yards.
  8. Complete to Kevin Boss for 11 yards.
  9. INTERCEPTION for a TD--Horrible decision to throw to Denarius Moore here, it did not fool anybody and was late. This is not the type of throw he makes if he is prepared and ready to be on the field.
  10. Complete to Michael Bush 5 yards.
  11. Complete to DHB for 15 yards.
  12. Incomplete to Jacoby Ford.
  13. Complete to Brandon Myers for 9 yards.
  14. Incomplete to Denarius Moore.
  15. Incomplete to Louis Murphy.
  16. NO PLAY Pass intended for Derek Hagen, Defensive Pass Interference penalty called for 14 yards. 16th pass that counted on stats was incomplete to DHB.
  17. INTERCEPTION--This was a perfect pass inside the red zone that should have been caught by Denarius Moore. You can not ask for a better throw, this one is totally on Moore.
  18. Complete to Taiwan Jones for 22 yards. (Even if it came in garbage time, its great to see Jones being used in the game, he is for real)
  19. INTERCEPTION--This was not a great throw but he was being hit and threw it to an area that Louis Murphy could have possibly made a play. Murphy was not aware enough of the trajectory of the throw and was too late in going over the middle for it. Both parties probably equally to blame here.
  20. Incomplete to Taiwan Jones.
  21. Incomplete to Louis Murphy.

All in all I really don't think that is as bad as it seemed. He gets a free pass for playing after 3 days with the team, and showed a true warrior's desire by playing even though he knew he wasn't ready. Coach called his number and he went in to play. I like that. He took some shots and got back up, it can only help him in the future. Having attempted to get the ball to 9 different receivers is a great thing, and a very real positive to look forward to.

Obviously, he needs to spend a lot of time getting on the same page as his receivers. It does make sense for D. Moore to have had a poor first outing with Palmer considering how well he had developed chemistry with Campbell. He is a rookie who had gotten into a real groove with Campbell and is now going to have to adjust to Palmer. I have no worries about these two connecting in the near future, and am going to be pumped to see some deep completions between them coming to a town near you.

Ford is still trying to get back in the swing of things really, and I expect him to play a lot better after the bye week. He lost a lot of reps from breaking his hand, and still is having issues securing the ball. He needs to get more strength back in his hand, and when that happens will return to being the breakout player he was last year. He might be the one to benefit the most from getting some reps with Palmer, since they are both going to be shaking off the rust together during this bye week.

As for DHB, there isn't enough to be said about him. He has earned the number 1 spot on this team now and is going to just get better and better. Out of all the players on our team, he is easily the one that Palmer has developed chemistry with first. They have a very good thing coming. Just imagine how happy Palmer must be with him, this is a guy with the potential to out perform Chad Ocho Stinko in his prime with a team first attitude. I have to think Palmer is shocked that players like DHB exist, and is going to be getting him the ball often. We might have seen the birth of the next big WR/QB tandem.

We also have to remember that Carson did not have Mcfadden playing by him to take some pressure off. Michael Bush played very well, which is what should be expected of him, but not having DMC is a real detriment to our offense. Especially when you consider his pass catching abilities. Palmer played O.K. on only 3 days with the team without his biggest weapon. The Raiders with a properly prepared Carson Palmer and a healthy Darren McFadden are going to be a sight to behold.

I am very much looking forward to this team being CP3's team in the very near future. We have 2 weeks to get him ready for his next game against Denver. I am certain we will be very pleased with Carson after 2 weeks of practice time under his belt. A new era is about to begin in Raider Nation, we have had nothing but a very small taste of it. Just please wait to pass judgment until this dish is fully cooked, because when its all said and done I truly believe it will win the best in show ribbon.

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