Thoughts on Palmer and The Nation's Expectations ... Lets Keep it Real!

I'm just going to come right out and get to my point here and now:

A good number of my Nation brethen appear to have pretty unrealistic expectations that they are foisting upon a guy that's at a major disadvantage this season, due to all the time he's missed, and the fact that he's being compared to a pretty solid game-managing QB who had definitely put in the time, and that was (finally) really coming into his own as a leader of this offense. 

Many here seem to be expecting returns to be immediately commensurate with the costs.  Well, I hate to break it to everyone ... but it's pretty damn unlikely (imho) that we're going to be seeing any such return on our investment in the short term view.

Frankly, it should NOT be any big shocker to anyone here if CP fails to lead us to the post-season THIS year ...  simply because of the fact that he's new to the system, had no training camp/preseason, hasn't had time to get into sync w/his receivers, and is basically being asked to come in and exceed the performance of Campbell.

Add to that the fact that he basically has (what are being exposed as) a clutch of very average WR's (although DHB is beginning to maybe look somewhat special) to throw the ball to, plus the inordinate amount of pressure prompted by the high cost we paid for him, PLUS all the friggin injuries and hobbled players week in and week out ... and you potentially have a recipe for struggles from here on out ... at least for this year.

But even if CP struggles this season and we don't make the playoffs, I believe that we should withhold judgment re: him, and upon 'the wisdom of the trade' until we see what he can do next year, having had the playbook in hand the entire off-season, then going through a proper training camp and preseason, and just basically having TIME to get into sync with the team and the coaching staff.

People, no matter how much of a 'Pro' a quarterback is (and no matter how much you pay to get him), you cannot expect someone to come in off the friggin street, after 10 months off, and just get seamlessly plugged into a brand new offensive system like a replacement part in your car's engine.  Do you think it's a coincidence that all the 'best' QB's in this league are guys that've been in the same system, w/the same coaching staff, and working w/largely the same group of receivers, for a number of years?

Successfully playing quarterback in the NFL is EXTREMELY complex, and as you all saw (or should've seen) in the 2nd half on Sunday, there is simply no substitute for 'familiarity' ... and the only way to achieve that ... is over time.  Something which was, for Carson Palmer this week with this team, in extremely short supply.

Did you notice that CP didn't start prepping to go into the game until such time as the Chiefs were in field goal range in the third quarter, in position to take a 17-0 lead?  I myself don't believe that Palmer was put in that game Sunday w/the expectation of his leading this team to victory.  He was put in because Hue knew that the game was over, and he wanted to give CP some practice snaps ... in an actual game environment.

The reality of this situation is ... we may very well not really get to see what Palmer is capable of doing for this team until next season.  Until then, I *REALLY* do not want to see the Nation lose faith in him, or Hue, or the 'changed' nature of this team.  Because it's really not fair to do so.  It's one thing to be a fan, and to want to WIN friggin ballgames, I GET THAT, believe me.  But let's try to keep it real here, my brethren!?!

Losing a guy like Jason may very well turn out to have been the de-facto end to our season... Carson Palmer, or no.  The guy isn't a miracle worker, and we shouldn't expect him to be simply by virtue that we gave up so much to get him onboard in our desperation to salvage this season.  The simple fact of the matter is ... it may not have been salvageable under these circumstances ... with no actual reliable backup QB in place prior to the disaster of losing JC in the 6th game of the season.  We would FAR from the first team to fall out contention after such a disaster, and we certainly wouldn't be the last.  This IS the kind of thing that CAN spell the end of a season for a football team, no matter what they do moving forward.

I'm NOT SAYING 'all is lost', and I'm not saying there's no chance that CP will be able to perform the miracle we expect of him.  I'm saying ... let's keep it REAL here.  We ARE asking for, at minimum, a minor miracle if we're expecting someone to come in off the street in week 7 and lead us to the promised land, where we've not been for 9 seasons, with a rookie coach, and a very young football team, having lost 2 of its biggest stars in the off-season ... and that has been getting beaten up and playing hurt and w/o important starters every single game.

Lastly ... let's not be friggin' no-class boo-birds at the O at the first sign of struggle.  This team has been dealt a MAJOR blow in losing Jason, and it was made much worse w/the loss of our league-leading rusher Darren McFadden in the 2nd series on Sunday

Let's give Hue and Co. some time to right the ship before we start bashing our much-improved squad like people did on Sunday.  That shit was out of line.

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