The Elephant in the Room - Terrell Owens ...

I'm going to stir the pot this bye week (perhaps out of boredom) and come right out and say it:  I want Terrell Owens in the Silver and Black this year.

Well, let me re-phrase that ... IF Carson Palmer would be cool w/getting him ... I would be more than cool with picking him up.  I don't know too much about the details of what went down in Cincy, but the feeling I got was that Palmer's issues were with people other than TO, primarily, Ochocinco.  Owens actually had a pretty good year last year with CP throwing balls to him.  Nearly 1,000 yards, 72 catches, 9 td's, and he picked up 47 first downs.

Look at the man's career stats, if you're not already familiar ...

He's never failed to have a season that wasn't better than ANY an Oakland Raiders Wide Receivers has had since Rice and Brown retired.  He's had 9 1,000+ yard rec. seasons, and 4 others over 750 yards.  He's never averaged <50 yards receiving per game in any season aside from his first (1996) and averages 72.6 yds/game over his entire career.  He's had double digit TD's in 8 seasons.

I mean, let's get real here.  How many receiving touchdowns do the Raider wide receivers have this year?  2?  3?  I mean, aside from DHB, and one great game from Moore, this group of guys has done jack shit this year in terms of catching the ball.  Owens has always been a force in the Red Zone, and there's no question the man knows how to score touchdowns.  Teams will no longer be able to count on the Raiders trying to score on the ground, every time we get within the 20.

Owens demands attention from Defenses.  With as good as DHB is playing, if we were to put T.O. across the field, with a guy that can get the ball downfield like Palmer at the helm ... our passing game suddenly becomes a pretty scary thing.  Teams will really have to think twice about stacking the box, and DMac should be able to run wild.

On top of the fact that Owens has been a fantastically consistent receiver throughout his career, there's also the aspect of familiarity for our new QB.  It instantly gives him a reliable, veteran target that he's worked well with, just last year (at least, worked well on the field).  They should have their timing down, right out of the gate.  And other teams are gonna know this, and will have to adjust their game plans IMMEDIATELY, starting w/the Denver game.

I know, I know, the guy's always been a distraction, and a bit of a prima-donna.  BUT ... the fact that NO teams showed up to his little workout session last week ... should have humbled the man.  I think he'd play for not that much money, and I think he'd come in w/a very serious, nose-to-the grindstone kind of attitude.  I believe he'd come in and provide some leadership and tutelage to our young squad.

Lastly, it's obvious the guy is still hungry.  He doesn't need the money.  He could retire, but he wants to PLAY, and he wants to produce ... otherwise, why come back? 

There's no doubt he wants another friggin RING for himself, what does he have, only one right now?

I believe he wants to play, and produce, to solidify his spot in Canton (and I'm sure he feels like he's VERY close to being a shoo-in), and what possible better way could there be for him to do it than to come back this season, and QUIETLY, humbly lead a Raiders squad to the playoffs for the first time in 9 seasons, with a rookie coach, the year Al passed away?  This would be golden opportunity for him to settle down the showboating (which he HAS to know has hurt his chances for being seen as one of the 'all time greats') and leave the Canton voters with a good impression on how he closed out his career.

I'm sure he probably also feels he has a legitimate shot at catching at least a couple of Jerry Rice's records if he can play productively for a few more years.

Look, we're already 'all in' for this year, right?  I say we do what we can to give this team the best shot to actually make it to the postseason THIS YEAR.  We can cut Hagan, Chaz, or Murphy tomorrow AFAIC to make a spot for him.  Moore obviously needs a bit more time to develop into a top-notch receiver, as does Ford.  The other three have been unimpressive so far.  We really have nobody to put on the other side of DHB THIS YEAR that's going to be a game-changer the way T.O. could be for us.

I say we try to bring him in, on a 1-year contract, w/option to extend to 2 or 3 if he produces.  If we can get him for a reasonable price, I say we find a way to do it.  Nobody out there that's available has the potential to change the outcome of this season in nearly as positive a way as T.O. does, IF I'm right about what his attitude would be coming in.

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