A look at Manti Te'o. ILB from Notre Dame

This is probably the only time I'll look at nfl prospects this early. Manti looks (and looking at cbs draft he is) a lower first rounder. He has the size, like most MLBs in the nfl, to transition to the OLB in the 4-3.

His measureables are 6-2 255 lbs. and since everyone loves 40's (like Al most of the time) his 40 is 4.59. But enough of reading text, videos show more words than pictures or text combined. I'll have about 3 videos up for you guys to dissect.

Manti "The Terminator" Te'o (via tbob75)

the vid starts out with some comic intro relating Manti to The Terminator (hey another terminator nickname....). But looking at the vids, its no surprise. Sure he can make the big hits, but when watching these vids that I am showing you, I want you to pay attention to a few things:

1) His vision/Awareness. Look where he is, and what his reactions are to a play developing. To me, he looks patient, and when he sees what the play is, he runs strait toward where he can make the biggest difference.He also looks comfortable in coverage

2) Wrap-up tackling. Like I said, he can make the big hits, but notice how he makes each tackle. It seems like his hands are made of glue, because everytime he gets to the guy with the ball, he wraps them up, or make a safe, big hit. The only way I can describe it is an interview with Patrick Chung (a hard hitting pats safety....) he says he always goes for the safe tackle, but when the big hit opportunes itself, he takes teh right angle and lays the guy out. That was my impression of how Manti tackles his man. He takes a very good angle, and doesn't let the guy slip from his grasp.

3) Block Shedding. He hardly seems to be caught up in a block somewhere. IN an obvious case, the guy is tough to block, and watching this vid, he seems to be in control of his strength, but this is only judging how he is at shedding blocks, and disengaging from them. This may attribute to his acceleration as well.

In this vid, which WAS put up in 2008 to point out though, I noticed that in the second half of it (you can watch the whole thing if you like) he was mostly running the ball, and fairly well. He would do nicely in goal line situations or if one of our guys is injured (but we don't want to tire him out of course.... but whatever. Its something to take note of):


Highlights of LB Manti Te'o, #6 on Takkle/SI's Top 200 (via takklesquad)


And here is a last vid for you guys if you guys are interested. In conclusion, I wouldn't mind having Ro at WLB if Manti can't play it, but I think he could. One comment that caught my eye in the last vid had me thinking, and after watching both of the prospects he named, I can agree with him. here is what he said so you can interpret it yourself:

I’ve watched the most productive LB in college FB: Luke Kuechly from BC and the most feared: Vontaze Burfict….Manti Teo fits inbetween these guys! He’s productive and can lay the wood! Big plays without the penalties.  He’ll be a consisent performer in the NFL for years. He can be better, but at least you know if you draft Teo, he ain’t gonna get arrested or get punked on the field. He’s Mr. productivity.

uso5143 1 month ago

Sounds good to me. here is the last vid:

Manti Te'o NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

And here is a link to his stats/description of each year: Sounds like a tackle machine to me.

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