Houston Texans vs Oakland Raiders Preview

What I expect to see from the Houston Texans Offense & Defense

With Andre Johnson out, you better believe Houston will be running the ball most of the time, especially if Arian Foster ran for 155 yards against the Steelers, but I don't believe that they are afraid to attack our secondary either. Houston will use Owen Daniels alot in this game than usual since Johnson is out, but James Casey is their other TE we can't over look. As for their offensive line they are pretty big and physical. The Texans WR core may not have speed but they sure have size, their smallest WR is 5'10 and everyone else is 6'2 & 6'3.

As for the Houston defense, They are ranked #10 in the NFL. Expect a lot of bear look defenses against the raiders. They won't chance Mcfadden to break a big one on them so don't be surprised if you see 5-2 line ups or bear looks in this game. I'm positive that they will try do what Patriots did, but even still the raiders still ran the ball decently even against those looks. Wade Phillips will be sending a lot of pressure, Mario Williams will be a handful for sure, but don't forget their rookie sensation J.J Watt. Texans have 2 stand out LB's Brian Cushing and Demeco Ryans, both are fast and can tackle very well. As for their DB's Johnathan Joseph stands out with 2 interception.


Special Teams 

Don't be fooled by the rushers between this game, I think field position by the Special Teams will decide who wins the game. Jacoby Jones has already taken back a PR and with the way Shane Lechler punts it gives a lot space for him so I will be sure they have a game plan to stuff this guy. On KR the Texans are averaging 30 yards on kickoff, even with Janikowski's leg, sometimes he doesn't drive the ball all the way out  giving the other team an opportunity to take it to the house. With a lot of touchbacks from Seebaas the kick coverage has yet to even play so that's a problem there. As for the Raiders well, I wanna see long returns, fake reverse's on KR/PR something to ignite the team, and hopefully to see improvement on the blocking so Taiwan/Jacoby/Moore can take it to the house.


What I Expect To See From The Raiders Offense & Defense

As explosive as the raiders are, I am sure we will come out like how we always come out, strong. Our offense must set the pace for these Texans, Run RUN RUNNNN! Lets be the bully, make a statement by running the ball well, even with 8 guys in the box. Believe it or not but the Raiders have the #8 offense in the NFL. We have the best RB in the league and its going to show against the Texans. Pass? JC can easily throw 300+ with our WR core, but i see him getting around 200 yards this game because I feel that DHB can become a very good Deep Threat, he showed it against the Pats, Moore showed it against the Bills, and Jacoby basically can do it all. Basically any of our WR's are monsters on the field, and I think they are going to get more opportunities then usual. Our offensive line has yet to show weakness, they are tough and showed why they are one of the best. JC still stands at 2 sacks and believe me he was barely pressured in the Patriot game, expect the same for the Texans, I think we can hold up Mario & Watt, I mean we did it to Elvis Dumervil & Von Miller

Raiders defense is going to come back with a vengeance. Hue knows Foster is the guy that needs to stopped and I think that is one of the biggest emphasis for Raiders for this week. RUN STOPPAGE!! LB's will need to play a better game and D-line needs to get back in form. CB's just please so your job, and hit these fools HARD since they are bigger than you. CHUCK must send a lot of blitz's in this game, get after the QB and cause turnovers. Im tired of seeing no pressure, If we can't penetrate with our front 4, its time to bring the dogs on them. Arian Foster MUST be stuffed, and McClain its time for him to step up already, Grooves is the guy that is an up & down player, and Wimbley is in prime form. All of our LB's better be ready to play because it will be up to them to hit those gaps, sealing those edges and most of all TACKLE WELL!!! PENALTIES better not be a factor for this defense, i'm sure Hue has already told them, and i'm sure all raider fans are tired of it, If we execute on defense I see us taking over this game. Instead of shooting our selves in the foot, lets shoot them.

Props to NiceNinajaX [SUBSCRIBE] 

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