Security issues at the games

Look I really don't expect too much support in regards to this problem. I'm going to sum it up and then I'll post the letter I sent to the Raiders ( in case anyone does agree with what I am saying.)

I was ejected at half time on Sunday for the suspicion of smoking in the bathroom. Those of you who know me (which is few) know I am a stand up dude and will admit when I'm wrong or when I'm doing something I shouldn't have. In regards to this matter I was innocent. I was not smoking in the bathroom this time though I have done it in the past.

Upon exiting the bathroom I was stopped by security and escorted out of the stadium. When I defended myself against the accusations and continued to press, they called the cops and tried to get me cited. However as the police told them you cannot legally cite someone for smoking, when you never saw them do it. They went on a list of excuses after this all of which I shut down with good ol' fashioned logic. Since security can never be wrong I was not allowed entrance back in and was forced to head on out to the train where I could listen to that disaster of a game.

I know this is really not related to the state of our team, but I ask all of you to take a look at the letter I sent. We cannot stand around while security does whatever the hell they want. They can't just boot people out for suspicion.
If this is allowed to stand, then what stereotype can they attack next?

To whom this may concern,


    My name is Jason and I am a season ticket holder for the last few years. You will not find my name in the database as I basically give my brother (who will remain nameless at this time) the money to purchase our season tickets every year. I was at the game this past Sunday 11/06 and I wish to log a formal complaint against security.


    At halftime yesterday my brother and myself went to the restroom. Inside the restroom I'm sure you already know has become a smoker's gathering since the colliseum has shut down the smoking sections. I went to the restroom and on my way out I was stopped by security. I was asked for my ticket, which I provided without incident and then I was told to follow them, which I also did without incident. I was led outside before I was informed that I was being ejected for smoking in the bathroom. Please bear in mind these guards had never even entered the bathroom, I was called over outside of the restroom. And also for the record, while I was being pulled aside there was at least 10 people smoking in that very same bathroom.


    I want to make this very clear, that I did not smoke on the premises. I do not agree with this rule but the fact of the matter is I did not break it. 

    Now upon being told the reason of my ejection, I naturally defended myself. While I will admit to using language not entirely clean, I never made any kind of derrogatory remark, or any kind of insult at all. I simply defended myself from the false accusations I had received. As I was verbally defending myself, security then informed me that now they were calling the cops and I was going to be cited for my supposed smoking. The cops arrived and I waited there patiently as I had nothing to hide and I explained to the police exactly as I am explaining it to you. The police informed both security and myself that no citation could be given because both security guards could not say they saw me do anything. Both guards admitted on the spot that they did not witness me do anything, yet I was still ejected over the following.


    I smelled like cigarettes. Guess what? I'm a smoker. Smoker's smell like cigarettes. Especially when I have to chain smoke in the parking lot because I know I cannot smoke inside.


    Next was that somebody told them there was smoking in the bathroom, and that I fit the description given to them. My retort to that even made the police laugh out loud, at the ridiculousness of the situation. I said to them "Oh I fit the description? You mean the medium height white guy in a Raider jersey? You better get back in there and kick out half of the stadium then."


    Neither of these guards (I did not get their names, I could provide descriptions if it was truly necessary.) saw me do anything, yet I was removed from the game over suspicion of breaking the rules? Even when I told them I was a season ticket holder one of the guards wrote down my ticket numbers and informed me he was going to see if he could get the rest of my season tickets revoked.


    I am very upset about this matter. I spend my hard earned money to come enjoy the football team that I love and have supported since I was a child. I kept my tickets through all of the bad years, I've sat through some really hard times for Oakland Raider football, and never once have a flinched at the cost I dole out every year. But this incident here has seriously got me to consider not purchasing tickets anymore. I will not subject myself to the fear of being ejected from a game because of my life choices outside of the stadium. I will not subject myself to a gestapo-esque security force who thinks they can just do whatever they want and hide behind shady situations using "suspicion" and "fit the description" as factual reasons to remove someone from the game.


    If you want to get rid of smoking in your bathroom there are two very simple solutions to this problem, for nothing else to keep innocent people from being harassed. You can keep a guard standing in the bathroom, that would discourage those who do not care for the rules you set out. And then at least when security would remove fans from the games, they could at least witness the infraction, instead of going off of heresay, or stereotypes.


    Or you could re-instate the smoking sections once more. This would be logically sound as alot of your fanbase does smoke. I would never argue the facts that smoking is a poor life choice, as smoking is proven to kill, and really has no health benefits to it. However, smoking seems to be the only life choice you can be persecuted for. You would never ban alcohol from a game, and I could argue that alcohol does as much if not more in terms of health hazards and security issues at a game.


    I understand what you are trying to do with banning smoking, and I am not fighting that one bit. They are your rules, and I as the customer will abide by those set forth. But I am not going to roll over and chalk that one up to bad luck. If I was guilty of something and was caught in the act, I could see that. But I was removed for suspicion of breaking these rules which is a very slippery slope. If your security can go off of suspicion then you are going to have a hard time getting a home field advantage when nobody is allowed in anymore.


    I thank you for your time in reading this letter, and for the record I do not want anything made up to me. All I want is the comfort that I may attend the games I paid to see without worrying if I am going to be removed for nothing. I do not break your rules, and I should not be punished for a life choice I made outside of your stadium. If you wish to contact me my number is #########. I'd be more then happy to continue this discussion with you or whoever I need to. Please do not allow this letter to fall on deaf ears. I may only be one customer, but I have a voice. And considering the sentiment I have is shared with quite a few people I've interacted with in my times of going to the Colliseum, I would hope you take this concern seriously and work to correct this so it does not happen in the future.




Thank you,



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