Saint's Takes: Hue Jackson, Carson Palmer and San Diego

- Get off of Hue Jackson. He is a rookie, yes, and he makes mistakes, but the rumblings about dissention in the locker room nees to be put to rest. Having witnessed him coach first hand, he is very tight with his players and they listen to him. He has not lost the team and he is far from it at this point.

- Kevin Boss needs the ball throw his way on the first play of the San Diego game and DHB should get the second ball. After that, they will need to show that they are better in the passing game than Brandon " The Beard" Myers, Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore, Chaz Shilens, Marcel Reece and TJ Houshmanzadeh.

Boss needs to get mad and take all of the packages as the starting tight end and DHB is in the spot of the WR depth chart that he should be. Maybe he's #4, but, he has to make a play.

- Lost in the sting of last week's defeat was a solid performance by LaMarr Houston. He made one play in particular where he got blocked past Tebow, then pivot-cut back around, lept over the cutting blocker and stuck Tebow hard from behind. It is a shame that he has ZERO help behind him when McClain's out.

- Also lost, to this point, is the fact that Carson Palmer looked like the best "Quarterback" that we've had to cheer for since Jim Plunkett. I know that some of you will say Gannon, but he was just a different quarterback. Palmer was able to see players flash open and put the balls in their hands.

Where he struggled was in the timing on plays down the sideline and on comeback stop routes where the reads were off.

That will change. Hopefully by Thursday, but it should be much better in Minnesota.

- San Diego will be the third straight AFC Western Division contest for the Raiders and it is, once again, the BIGGEST GAME of the year. The winner will continue to be in first place, regardless of how the Chiefs fare against the Patriots next Monday Night.

The victor will also have 10 days to get ready for their next contest, with San Diego facing the Bears in Chicago and Oakland facing the Vikings in Minnesota.

- I have circled the game on January 1st as the game that will decide the AFC West, so winning on Thursday will give the victor the inside track on the Division. The winner would be able to clinch the head to head tie-breaker on the last day of the season.

- We will have much more on this game before Thursday, but, I have now turned the page and it is time to start making plans for Thursday Night. Hell, this is our regular season too! Us fans have to stay in game shape! Now, where's the Corralejo?

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