The Great Quarterback Carousel

A poster in the forums wrote:

I'll speak up for Jason Campbell because few others will. He should be given the opportunity to compete for the Raiders' starting QB job next season....

I know the Raiders gave up a lot to get Carson Palmer, but Campbell was playing at a high level when he got injured and, more importantly, the offense was moving efficiently. Acquiring Palmer was a move made out of desperation, but it was the right move given the Raiders' win-now mentality.

I believe Palmer is still a pretty good quarterback, but his better days are definitely behind him. His final years in Cincinnati were nothing special, and his early performances with the Raiders haven't been all that awe-inspiring either. But he's better than Kyle Boller and much more prepared than Terrell Pryor.

I also believe the Raiders would have nine wins by now had Campbell not gotten injured. He never would have thrown six interceptions (including two pick 6s) in the same game like Boller and Palmer did against the Chiefs. Campbell takes better care of the football than Palmer and obviously Boller.

And remember, up until his injury, Campbell was 7-0 against the AFC West. If Tom Cable wouldn't have had his nose so far up Gradkowski's (butt) Campbell would have gotten the Raiders to the playoffs last year. After all, he is the only Raiders QB with a winning record since Rich Gannon.

The Raiders would have finished off the Broncos this year and squashed Tebow-mania with Campbell in the lineup. But the reality is Campbell got injured and is gone of the year and Palmer will finish out the season at QB.

For the good of the Raiders, they should bring Campbell back and let him compete with Palmer. Whoever loses will provide the Raiders with the best backup QB in the game or viable trade bait.

Inside the Bay Area

Note that he posted this before the Packers game. His argument is a good one.

In September R8RFAN12 asked if Jason Campbell was the franchise QB, to which 69% said yes.

Jason Campbel Franchise QB

In October, I asked if Campbell was good enough to help us win a Super Bowl, and 56% percent said yes. 11% said no, 16% voted for Pryor, and another 11% said we needed a third option. And oh yeah, 5% of you funny people voted for Boller.

Jason Campbell SB Poll

And of course, all of this only after Mirer, Collins, Walter, Brooks, McCown, Culpepper, Russell and Grad. 13 different quarterbacks have started for the Raiders since Gannon. Around and around we go. I was a believer in the Palmer trade, but 4 picks in one game is hard to argue with or make excuses for. Especially after the cost of the trade is considered, as well as Palmer's salary. And yet before Campbell broke his collarbone, there was considerable doubt about him in this forum.

According to NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi, a former personnel executive in the league, the difference between quarterback success and draft regret is often about the work ethic of the individual.

“When you look at the quarterback class, this is going to prove a lot. What’s going to happen here is you spend time getting to know them, what their work habits are. If your quarterback isn’t the hardest working player on the team, you really can’t be successful,” Lombardi said at the NFL Scouting Combine. “You just saw the Super Bowl. When Aaron Rodgers came out, whether he slipped in the draft or went later in the draft, his arm strength isn’t what it was today. He really worked at his craft when he was sitting out. The time you spend with the players here to learn their work ethic, the players in the locker room – that guy’s going to be the face of your franchise. If you pick him in the top 10, you better make sure he works hard. You better make sure he does all the things necessary.”

Quarterback Success Rate

If Lombardi is right, then have we drafted a guy with work ethic in Terrelle Pryor. And if not, should we be looking at QBs in upcoming drafts? After all, Campbell turns 30 this month, and Palmer 32.

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