The Enigmatic Mark Davis

Who is the man who never holds press conferences, seldom talks to the media and is only truly known to the Raiders inner circle? What we know of him mostly comes from the rare quote by players, coaches, etc.



We do know he's a graduate of Chico State, most likely a business major.

According to Josh Dubow from the AP:
"While Mark Davis has been a more visible presence around the team in recent years often attending practice and going to games, he lacks the football acumen of his father.... Mark Davis has spent much of his time working on getting the team a new stadium and that remains a high priority with the team having talked with the San Francisco 49ers about possibly sharing a stadium."
Inside the Bay Area

When the San Jose Mercury News asked Davis what Mark’s role was with the team on Sept. 30, 2008, he said, "He’s business and perhaps he’s doing some work on the stadium -- business and stadium. He doesn’t want to get involved in football. He used to know all the players. He still does. They were his vintage – Cliff Branch and all those guys, Fred Biletnikoff, all those guys. He never understood how I could let someone go. He just doesn’t want to get into that part of it. But he will own it someday."

I think it's clear from this, Mark is a Raider fan first, and Managing General Partner second. He is attached to the players as most sports fans are to their favorites, and lacks that nazi, cold-hearted bastard quality (deficiency?) that is required to be a GM in professional sports. No doubt this is why he concerns himself with the stadium, as it doesn't involve throwing people under the bus. He is known to attend practices and be on the field before games. He can be seen up in the box after kickoff. But he also has few words even for the press. He seldom comments on his intentions regarding the team or on prospects for the new stadium.

Mark Davis is described by George Atkinson as a "savvy guy who has been by his father's side his whole life." The former safety and longtime Raiders broadcaster told me, "Mark was in every draft room and understands what it takes to run a team. He has tenacity and smarts. He just needs to surround himself with the right people."

"Mark Davis, my son, is a super guy, but he doesn't BS you into saying he likes (football) when he doesn't. He likes it, but he doesn't want it every day." - Al Davis

It took a game like the one against the Chargers to get a rare comment out of him: "We finished this time," said Mark Davis, son of Al and now the managing partner. "We finished. Last week was a tough one. This took some of the sting out of it."

And beyond that, it's pure guesswork.

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