Looking to the future with depth and consistency...

Ok so I know the football season isn't over yet but after the last two weeks I've begun my annual brain storm of my dream improvements to this great organization(playoffs/winning season or not). I'm currently in Afghanistan so all I have is time when I'm not running from rounds or returning fire and fighting the Taliban so the following is mearly just my opinion and i fight for that right so don't get all poopy if you don't like it, I would like to know what you think though.I wanna have some fun, If Amy and Mark hired me as their VP of operations or just asked me one day, "Hey you got any ideas for this organization? We'd be interested in what our crazy fans think?" Id definitely faint and reply....

First things first Chuck Breshnahan needs to be let go, A great guy but not a good DC.

Bring in A.J Smith or(preferably) Mckenzie to Manage this team, Jackson should be the last person trying to do that much he needs to worry about the team thats assembled in front of him and player cohesion.

My coaching roster would look like the following:

HC- Hue Jackson( I think hes aggressive and I really think sky's the limit once he can just focus on coaching.)

OC- Al Saunders (offensive genius if Hue will let him play call.)

DC- Jack Del Rio ( Always runs a top notch disciplined and 4-3 defense, a bay area local and defense legend.)

*WR coach- Tim Brown (Why bring in a veteran WR when you can have the man himself teach these guys to separate and catch than a future hall of famer)

* A new strength/conditioning coach

My Offensive roster would be stuffed with depth but not much in changes:

QB1- Carson Palmer ( A future Superbowl QB with the right tools around him, plus we've sold our soul for him)

QB2- Shaun Hill ( Proven to come in and win but not enough to start on any roster)

QB3- Terrelle Pryor

RB1-Darren McFadden (Although hes out more than he's in, no way we'd deal him)

RB2- Michael Bush (Obviously A must if were gonna keep Mcfadden) *If we lose the battle for Bush I'd like to try and hunt for Hillis (although hes Bipolar I think a big back is key to our success) other key backs: Mike Tolbert/ Tim Hightower

*I'd rather trade DHB for a couple of draft picks than hold onto him...

WR1-Deion Branch

WR2-Jacoby Ford

WR3-Denarius Moore

WR4-Roscoe Parrish

WR5-Derrick Hagen (stupid for letting him go, reminds me of good 'ol Andre Risen)

TE1- Visante Shiancoe

TE2- David Ausberry

OT- Jared Valdheer

OG- Ben Grubbs (Also plays a good LT)

OT-Jared Gaither ( I really think he could thrive in our system)

OG-Stefan Weisnewski

C-Matt Birk

Of course with depth like Campbell, Barksdale, Schuening and Cooper

Defensive Roster:

DE-Lamaar Houston( Stud.period)

DE- Matt Shaugnessy ( My favorite Raider when healthy)

DT-Seymor (Duh, a great)

DT- Tommy Kelly

DEPTH:Shaun Rodgers/ John Henderson/John Abraham/Trevor Scott

WOLB-Aaron Curry (getting better every week)

MLB- Rolando McClain

SOLB-Kameron Wimbly (Franchise)

*Tops for addition: Joe Mays/Erin Henderson/Dan Connor (sorry Groves and Blackstone not depth more like dead weight on defense although there great additions to ST)

CB1-Stanford Routt

CB2-Courtland Finnegan

CB3-Marcus Trufant

CB4- Lito Sheppard


* Thomas Jennings would be awesome as well

SS-Tyvon Branch ( I love his progress from last year I'm a fan)

*Although LeRon Landry and Brandon Meriweather are instagrades

FS- Huff ( were stuck with him)

*DEPTH: Jim Leonard/Hamzah Abdullah/Courtney Greene(all better than Giordano and Mitchell)

I mean most of this will never happen but Id like to see some of it at least especially in the defensive back position I think that entire unit needs to be rebuilt, I love Woodson running that area I hope he has some say so In bringing in some better DB's. I think our biggest area for concern in OL we have a lot of guys leaving due to FA so all we can do is go up right? A decent backup to Palmer is a must, we figured that out the hard way this year. I know our biggest problem is probably depth were completely depleted across the board, but I appreciate anyone who gave a shit to read this and care, go Oakland, just win baby! RIP Al, id still think hed proud....

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