Look at all the big contributors on this team whom has been hurt for an extended period of time:

Jano (hammy)

Campbell (IR basically) he was having a great season managing the team

Mcfadden (Lis franc)

Ford (2 foot injuries)

Hiram (IR)--- Pro Bowl caliber ST player

Shaugnessey (IR)

Reece (ankle)

R. Brown (IR) --- ST contributor

Taiwan Jones (undisclosed)

Chris Johnson (sports hernia)

DVD (hammy)

Chekwa (IR)

Goethel (IR) he was having a solid preseason

now lets look at whom play has been affected by injury

Mike Mitchell (undisclosed) he has been playing hurt up until this day

Huff (ankle) see broncos debacle especially Decker td

Seymour (?) he was hurt w/ 2 separate leg injuries

Satele besides being weak we don't need him to be at half strength cuz his full strength is weak

Rolando (ankle) he been playing hurt most of the season but we couldnt bench him due to lack of depth


DHB (neck) he has not been the same since that neck injury that was evident in the Packers game because he was so stiff

Moss (ankle)

Henderson (?)

Before all of these injuries we were a forced to be reckoned with. That's just the way the ball has rolled, I commend Hue for not lying down after Campbell went down. Let's be honest Palmer is better than Campbell but he has yet to play with all his weapons. No games with D MAC 1 quarter with ford (Queefs game doesn't count) 2 games with D Moore 6 quarters with Taiwan. I can't wait to see what he does once he learns the playbook and has mini camp, training camp and preseason to his resume. How many QBs u know step in on a new injured team mid season after his retirement and lights it up???? CRICKETS yea i thought so

Yes Chuck B needs to go because his def is a crap shoot and we cant stop a high school team. there is too much talent on the defense to play the way we have all season. The only reason he our d coordinator is because he was the only person on our staff with coordinator exp. he was brought in to be linebackers coach nothing more (THANK YOU LOCKOUT)

Hue has done a wonderful job with this makeshift team ever since the browns game.

OAN: Palmers INTs only 5 were his fault D Moore cause 1 Murphy caused 4 n the Queefs game doesn't count he only knew 15 plays. Wait til he gets comfortable with his weapons and this team will be SCARY

We're 7-6 and the season is not over but with all these injuries i'll be content with 9-7..ecstatic with a playoff appearance.... You can't build a franchise overnight..... IN HUE WE TRUST.... JUST WIN BABY

Stop bad mouthing our team let's be realist and this is the story of the Raiders season pre week 15