Pity Party Over, Bring on the Lions!

Alright my personal pity party has been appeased. I owe a thank you to Saint and also to Ghost Raider for posting OMGitsjamerson's article from I am ready to go back and be optimistic again. We are going to be playing at the O.Co. this Sunday against a talented team that is having problems themselves in the Detroit Lions. This game is a game that we can win if we don't come out like zombies again. We need to be ready to play and compete and if we are able to do that we are still in the heart of the playoff race.

The Detroit Lions are getting Suh back for this game and he is going to be extremely hard to control. So hard that we are not really going to be able to do it that well without double teaming him the whole game AND chipping him with the running back. I am serious here. He is always a handful but now he is a pissed off giant that is ready to show that he will not be corralled from his overly aggressive playing stance.

Personally, I think he should be a little more humble after his mistake was another black eye for the NFL amongst the people that believe it to be a league of thugs. However, it does not seem like that will be his approach. He still seems to think he is some type of victim here and he will be coming at Carson Palmer even harder because of that. I don't know if that is true since I obviously do not know the man. It is just my own opinion and view of where he seems to be after his 2 game suspension for treating a Packer offensive lineman like he was a doormat to wipe dirty shoes off on.

Besides Suh, the Lions have a seriously formidable defensive line and will be a real challenge for our struggling offensive line. So if we show up and play like the offensive line we had earlier this year it could be the very thing we need to re jump start this team. We just got completely annihilated these past two games and hopefully that will be enough smelling salts to wake this team up and get them to play like they can again.

Also on defense they have one of the most under rated linebackers in the game and one of my all time favorite Wisconsin Badger Alums in Deandre Levy. He is a play maker and we are going to have to get somebody into that second layer and on him on run plays. He is quick, strong, and has that picture perfect Lion aggressiveness. He is really good and if we want to perform well against the Lions we will need to keep a body on him as much as possible.

As for their offense, obviously the number 1 factor we will have to watch for is Calvin Johnson. Megatron has been relatively quiet the last couple weeks and that is not necessarily a good thing for us. It means to me that he is due for a huge game and we need to be prepared for that. We are going to need Stanford Routt to play the game of his life, and we are going to need to keep a safety over the top. Hopefully we can keep him quiet.

One of the tough things about keeping so much attention on Johnson is that they still have some other seriously good players to throw to. Brandon Pettigrew is a huge target and even though he hasn't lived up to expectations coming out of college yet he is a very real weapon. We are going to need our linebackers to cover him and that is not exactly their specialty. They also have Nate Burleson who is a legitimate receiver. The other receiver though that we really need to keep track of is Titus Young. He is a rookie and is really starting to come on strong at the end of the year. He is small and fast, very similar to our Denarius Moore, and is really starting to play with some confidence.

Besides their talented receiving core that has Matthew Stafford throwing to them, they also have Kevin Smith who is a very speedy running back. Kevin Smith looks like he will be playing despite being hurt and not practicing so far this week. He is very fast and has incredible hands for a running back. The guy is the real deal and if we are not ready for him he can hurt us. We have a lot to pay attention to with this Detroit offense and will need every player to do what they are suppose to in order to win. In my initial post I had mentioned Jahvid Best but a visiting Lion fan named Bighaircut informed me he has been out since week 6. Its nice not to have to face him because he is a very talented running back who I find similar to Matt Forte although so injury prone. The injuries have kept him from being able to take advantage of his talent.

Lets go out there and show the world that we are better than the team that got demolished the last two weeks. Lets get our shit together and lay the wood this Sunday. These are the two most penalized teams in the NFL and it will probably be the heaviest officiated game in NFL history. That sounds extreme but really, this game might very well have the most penalties ever called in one game. I hope not but neither team is liked by the officials.

I would like to finish this up with two middle fingers stuck far up into the air at Adam Rank of He decided to do the opposite of top team power rankings and put us as the 6th worst team in the NFL. Here is his article, guaranteed to make you froth at the mouth. I am shocked that continues to employ this man, considering even his non Raiders hate diatribe is horrible.

I would like to thank Rank for being so disgustingly biased against us, because he did help bring back my true Raider Nation Pride along with Saint and Ghost Raider. I was very down on the Raiders after the Packer beat down but his article made me remember that we are judged far too harshly by everyone outside of Raider Nation. I did not want to continue to contribute to this lack of respect and over judging that they get so much of already. We are the Oakland Raiders and we are in the playoff hunt. Lets remind everybody that and come ready to play against the Detroit Lions this Sunday!!!

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