2012 Fantasy Roster - If I was GM

Looking at the way that players have played this season so far, I'm just writing this to well, spark discussion on who we should keep/not keep.

If I were the Raiders GM, and I have made my hires/fires (Bresnahan & LB Coach are Gone), I would look just to fill in the 53-man roster for the team - let the scouts draft their draft, and see what happens from there. (I'm focusing on the 53 man roster, not the draft.) The funny thing is, I believe that we are a very few amount of players away from getting deep in the playoffs, and that it is the scheming that has caused us problems. Now, some of you are on a "Trade Everybody" rant, especially after the last lost, but given all of the injuries and front office changes that have occured, I am confident in this team next year - ONLY IF Hue manages better, and if we get a New and PROPER Defensive Coordinator.

Anyway, here's my 54-man roster (I'm off one, lol) for next year (after the jump):


QB: I would declare an open competition between Palmer and Campbell - Both can start in the league, and both get wins different: Palmer goes down the field, but gets intercepted a lot, and takes sacks easily; Campbell manages games, gets no turnovers, but can't throw the ball downfield, and gets shook easy.


Campbell - Campbell might not get another chance to start in the league. The reason why I say this is because Out of all 32 teams, only Miami, Cleveland, Kansas City (Maybe), Washington, and Seattle will need a Quarterback. Now, There are many good Quarterbacks in this draft, so I believe that Miami, Washington, and Cleveland will draft themselves a QB, leaving only Kansas City and Seattle to get a QB. Kansas City has Matt Cassell and Kyle Orton, so that only leaves Seattle, and I don't think Campbell wants to go there - I wouldn't want to go there if I was Campbell. The best option is for Campbell to stay in Oakland, and compete with Palmer. I'm giving Palmer 8 games - If he doesn't show up, Campbell is going in, period.

Pryor - QB of the future - I would wait until 2014 to see what he has got.

HB: The HBs can be used as committee backs. I was a huge fan of the Giants' Earth-Wind-Fire combination in 2008, and I believe we have an Earth-Wind-Fire-Lightning combo in Oakland. If we use all of them right, our running game will be god-like.

McFadden - Too damn good when healthy to trade; he's Lightning. However, I am telling Hue to limit his carries - we want to keep him healthy as long as we can.

Bush - Too damn good NOT to sign; He's Earth. When McFadden gets the slightest feeling of injury, take him out for the rest of the game, and put Bush in - Use Bush as the 4th Quarter Bruiser - like The Cowboys used Marion Barber.

Jones - The Fire. I love this kid.

Cartwright - Special Teams Leader. Resigning him.

FB: Marcel Reese - The Wind; if he is a Free Agent, I'm signing him. HE IS NOT USED ENOUGH. USE HIM. He is a very dynamic player that can function as a WR (when motioning), and he is very dangerous in screens.

WR: I'm keeping EVERY SINGLE ONE - except Houshmanzadeh. Housh did not need to be on the team, and he was hardly used. I believe that Derek Hagan (an Al Davis guy) should have been kept, and is much younger and better. DHB, Schilens, and Hagan are possession receivers; their route running is great - yes, DHB has improved greatly on his routes. Moore, Ford, and Murphy are the deep threats; They can stretch the field the way we want them too, and have the speed and hands to do so (YES, MURPHY WAS DOING THAT HIS ROOKIE YEAR AND LAST YEAR.) So, once again:

Moore, DHB, Ford, Murphy, Schilens, Hagan

TE: Keeping them all except Gordon. However, I want to see Ausberry used more; he's too athletic to not be used. I see him as a poor man's Gronkowski - not that big, but he can make the catches.So,

Boss, Myers, Ausberry

OL - I like all of our linemen - except for Cooper Carlisle. If we look at Veldheer, he did great with a proper LG - Wisniewski - next to him. I like Barnes as well; he has improved greatly from last year, and I believe that with a proper RG, he can do even better. Carlisle is just too weak and inconsistent for me. That being said, if I can get a RG and LG, I'm letting go of both Carlisle and Satele - Satele is just too small. My ideal line would be this:

Veldheer, Grubbs (Get him from Baltimore on a long term deal), Wisniewski, Gaither (If he is healthy enough, if not, Andrews or Bruce Campbell), Barnes.

If we cannot get Grubbs, then:

Veldheer, Wisniewski, Satele, Gaither (If he is healthy enough, if not, Andrews, or try Bruce Campbell), Barnes.

Our backup linemen are Heyer, Campbell, and Barksdale. We need to add one more Linemen, that can play T/G well, and we will be fine on the O-Line.


Now, the defense is a funny one. Many people suggest changing it to a 3-4, getting rid of players, etc. Here's what I would do:

A) Restructure Seymour, McClain, & Wimbley's contracts. They haven't show up this year, and we need new players o help make the team better. And I am not rewarding players for not playing, especially McClain. THAT BEING SAID, I AM keeping McClain, and I will state why later.

D-Line: As per , Jarvis Moss and Trevor Scott are both free agents. I am keeping Jarvis Moss and Desmond Bryant as backup DEs. However, the main change is that Richard Seymour will not be playing DT anymore; I would want him as the RDE, and Houston to be in Seymour's DT position; it creates problems on the edge , and more double teams will occur on the edge - which is what we want for Tommy Kelly and Lamarr Houston. Henderson would be kept as well. In total, the line would look like:

Starters - Shaughnessy, Kelly, Houston, Seymour

Backups: Henderson, Moss, Bryant.

LB: Now, here is where the most changes would be made. First, I'm keeping Wimbley, McClain, and Curry as our LBs. However, as per, Blackstock and Groves are free agents. Which is perfect.

If Shaughnessy was to get IRed again, Wimbley is taking his place for the rest of the season. That being said, Wimbley is one of the X-factors of this defense; John Marshall got him 9 sacks. He can be used for sacks; he isn't sent enough, in my opinion. Curry can stop the run like the best of them, but his passing defense is more than suspect.

Rolando McClain - We all have our thoughts about him. However I do believe he's good. However, he needs to be pushed to the limit. So, I'm bringing in Kirk Morrison and Lofa Tatupu. Both can play MLB, but Kirk can play outside as well in my opinion. And I'm declaring an open competition between the three of these guys for MLB, and for SLB - although I believe Curry will win out. Also, if Tatupu is to injured to do so, then I'm going to try and sign D'Qwell Jackson from Cleveland - a good MLB as well. Finally, Groves will be kept for special teams. So, in total, our LBs would be:

Starters - Wimbley, McClain (if he wins the Competition), Curry (if he wins the Competition)

Backups: Goethel, Tatupu (or Jackson), Morrison, Groves.

CB: I don't care what most of you seem to think when it comes to our CBs: We have a ton of depth for our CBs. NNAMDI IS GONE, and we ain't trading to get him back. Routt is a good #1; he ain't shutdown, but he is a good #1. Lito, Chekwa, and CJ can fight for the #2 - all are good #2s. DVD will still be taught. That being said, I would sign one more #2 - #3 corner - one that can return punts and kicks, so that if Ford gets injured, we have a good option. If not, McCann can stay as a KR/PR. In total,

Routt, Chekwa, Sheppard, Johnson, Van Dyke, McCann.

S: Another arguable position. I would keep most of our safeties, and, Eugene was IRed; he's good in coverage, but can't tackle for beans (Willis McGahee Punch).Anyway, I would have three Safeties, to help guard against injury.

We have 2 X-factors at safety: Michael Huff (when blitzing he's dangerous) and Mike Mitchell (Good in run support, SHUTS DOWN TIGHT ENDS ONE ON ONE). I would like to see Mitchell used more, especially in Nickel packages as an LB and Dime packages.) Giordano is playing well, a Rod Woodson guy I would keep. Branch NEEDS TO BE RESIGNED, so I would sign him - However, it's not that much of a loss if he goes - Ndukwe is a good SS, and Mitchell is also good. Oh, and JEROME BOYD IS GONE. In total,

FS: Huff, Giordano, Eugene

SS: Branch, Mitchell, Ndukwe

K/P - Janikowski, Lechler

LS: Jon Condo

I'm off one - but for a 54-man roster, it has continuity, which matters, and, with the right system and proper management in coaching, will be a powerhouse.

That being said, If there were anybody I'd be willing to trade, it would be Huff, McClain, and Wimbley. Who would you trade, and why? (Now, when I ask this please take everything into consideration when discussing trades - I don't like seeing stupid trades; make a good argument.)

Hopefully you all agree, and NOTE I DID NOT USE THE DRAFT IN ANY WAY.

I'm pleased with myself on this one.

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