Fantasic scenarios beyond the field of play!

"Since I have read through so many scenarios of just how the RAIDERS need to improve on the Field, I thought it now a good idea to paint a realistic but fantastic picture of what just happened to Oakland this season ouside the lines per say."

Realizing this is the tribute season to Al Davis and post the -Devine Intervention game- in Texas, I have a new conclusion of all this thought about him looking down and guiding us; "Just maybe he didn't make it quite yet to Heaven and we are being led forth not by a devine force but an evil one." If this is the case, then we need to re-define; "Welcome to the Darkside"

Now Rod Woodson leaving the NFL Channel to take the job as a backfield and or cornerback coach is interesting. The fact is he went into the NFL Hall of Fame as a Steeler. The RAIDERS have always seperated themselves from anything that is Black & Gold! Although, one damn great player in his day.. having one of the all time best Steeler's on the sideline for the RAIDERS a good idea? I say... no man, get rid of him immediately and our luck will change! NO STEELERS SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED NEAR THE RAIDER COACHING STAFF AND TEAM OFFICE!

Speaking of the NFL Channel, people like Michael Lombardi (x-RAIDER GM), Warren Sap (x-did nothing for the RAIDERS lineman) as well as Jalwalrus Russell, Dion Sanders and a few others including Bob Costas have been rooting publically against the RAIDERS this season. Making damn sure we get limited media time.. Lombardi is the worst that constantly is combative when the RAIDERS are brought into conversation and very secretive as well. He said maybe two words about Big Al when he left our world and the Bob Costas rant about Mr. Davis had me nearly boycotting NBC Forever! And then there is Sapp, this big fat red-neck nothing has been a pain in the ass for the RAIDERS, a utter joke but the Cable Networks keep throwing him in our faces.. trashing the RAIDERS constantly!

On the way to Miami, Carson Palmer decides on the day of game, taped a day before the game NFL Channel interview with "Mooch". BAD LUCK! Thats all I can say... Mooch stays the hell away from any comments about Oakland and it was nice to hear that Palmer has 50 million cash in the bank, hates UCLA and hates the Steelers even more and never wanted to retire! He said this the day of his signing and the Mooch interview backed it all up. I hope to christ the RAIDERS bring in Jason and they both battle for the job next season no matter what the current contractional agreement is with Jason. He deserves another chance for sure. Face it, we went into a panic mode.. gave away a first rounder and got a Quarterback that throws picks like I have never seen before.

Now the topper of all bad luck seasons; The RAIDERS new Marketing team have decided to attempt to make us the 49ers. Wine sipping, sushy eating pansies! The PTA we will never be.. but they are destined to change our working class, hard edged and bully image. Bad idea! and Bad Luck! Lastly, the DWI Checkpoints at the Lions Game outside the stadium is preventing what from happening? Please explain: "RAIDER knows that when we get trashed, we always let another RAIDER drive us home! You bet ya.. anothe City of Oakland bright idea.. or maybe its that new RAIDER Image we have to adapt to. BAD LUCK prevails no matter what it is.

Let us be who we are, historically and present! Leave us alone.. we are sick of losing and hearing from the hiarchy losers that hate us! RAIDER Fan is International, we will always prevail no matter how much they want to screw up the Silver & Black.. and finally we will win the Championship again very soon, with or without the help of all that want to keep us down!


Raider Jon (FBARB) Florida Bay Area Raider Boosters

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