I'd Be Having a Merry X-Mas If...

What's the word Raiders fans? Its TAW here finally plugging in after Sunday's ulcer-inducing epic failure came to pass. This season got me thinking and looking back on the past 15 season sans about 4 solid ones with Gruden, Timmy Brown, and Gannon leading the way, it hasn't been a complete hot mess after all. My personal life can be attributed to that with the birth of a gorgeous baby girl (ironically I had to be yanked from the Saints Preseason game to take my wife to the hospital BTW) so football took a temporary backseat. However it was tumultuous, eventful, but very memorable as a Raider fan. We saw the passing of our storied leader, a very questionable trade giving up potentially a 1 & at least a 2 for a 30+ year old QB who led his team to a 10 game losing streak last year afterwards, and a hopeful 3 game winning streak sandwiched in between 5 of the worst losses imaginable. Again very eventful.

So with Christmas coming up this weekend there are a few things on my list that would make this the finest one for me as a Raiders fan in years.

1. Hue Jackson to awaken one morning with a moment of clarity and figure who, what, and how to fix the biggest problems that ail this Raiders team. This guy amazes me from his thought process stating a 13 point lead was safe to the mere fact he would rather throw the ball 30 yards down field multiple times with a lead as opposed to a short completion on 3rd and 3.

2. A run defense that will allow less than 1600 yards and less than 3.7 yards per rush. Since our Super Bowl year in 2002 when we allowed 1453 total rushing yards and 2005 when we allowed only 3.7 yds per carry we have allowed at least 2000 yards for a sixteen game season and better than 4.5 yds per carry on defense every time. If the Packers game tells you anything it shows how big a problem this has been for years. I know it won't happen this year obviously but #5 on this list brings me hope that it will.

3. Someone to grow a pair and just say Darren McFadden is out for the season. I don't understand the secrecy about these random injuries with our Raiders week in and week out. I would understand not showing your hand but when guys like Ford and DMAC have been MIA for over five weeks I highly doubt the opposing team is really game-planning for any of these guys. Its only ostracizing the coaching staff from its fans.

4. Some discipline to be shown from within the Raiders org. I want Rolando McClain benched the final two games for being an immature, selfish prick. Also the next time Richard Seymour pulls out his Big Dick card and punches a guy after the defense gives up a big play he needs to be fined an entire game's check by the coaching staff, not the league. With his salary he will feel this one, believe me.

5. For the Davis clan and Amy Trask to wow us with a new General Manager for the next decade. A guy who will hire a new defensive coordinator that can instill a new system that will finally make this defense respectable. You all know I am a big believer in Mike Nolan and it looks like a possibility with a new regime in Miami coming to town shortly.

6. For this Raider team to play with no regard for tomorrow, the hours following the game, or what their pay check will look like for next season. I want this team to win out and I don't care how close they do because I actually am hoping for scores somewhere around 34-31 or 35-31 in both so there leaves no doubt Bresnahan's defense needs to go and it's time for a change. Even if we miss out on the playoffs if this team wakes up and wins out it will make my Christmas 2011.

7. For Tim Tebow to just go away and get off my TV forever. Call me a hater, I don't give a rat's ass.

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