Hue knows football; Stop the hate, he's friggin great!

For a good two weeks, I stopped reading S&BP fan posts because of all the hate being directed towards Hue Jackson and King Carson. I'm not saying that they are Belichick and Brady; however, some perspective is needed. As a rookie head coach, Hue walked in and boldly predicted the Raiders would win the AFC West. He also boldly said that trading for Carson was the best trade in football. He was ridiculed by the ESPN talking heads for both statements. With one week left, Hue's Raiders are within striking distance of the AFC West crown. If they are fortunate enough to achieve this feat, Hue will be eating his crow as the ESPN talking heads eat their words. If you want to hear me rant about the greatness of Hue and Carson, jump for more.

Hue Lovin': I think it is pure blasphemy to say Hue is a bad head coach. You haters out there forget to look at the big picture. One dumb decision to not go for 2 against Detroit doesn't make him a bad HC. Here are some reasons why you guys should join me on the Hue bandwagon (If you are not on already after the KC win).

1. Creativity: Fake punts, fake field goals, shovel passes, and double reverses are some of the many wrinkles that have given this offense some flash. I love how Hue uses Bush and Reece in the passing game, as well as Moore in the run game. His play-calling always keeps the defense off-guard. A good example of this is the overtime bomb to DHB today. A double PA reverse deep ball... That is awesome. We continue to find ways to move the chains despite missing McFadden and Ford thanks to Hue's ingenuity.

2. Attraction: Hue is far from physically attractive. What I mean by this is, there has been an increased appeal of the Raiders with the national media since he took over. By making brash statements such as, "The Raiders will win the West!" and "Carson Palmer was the best trade in football!", Hue has put the somewhat localized Raiders on a national scale. Is it just me or have we been seen on ESPN a lot more this year? This may not seem like a big deal, but as a fan, it's nice to see fanfare surrounding your team. Also, Hue's reputation as a player's coach rather than a yes-man will make Oakland an attractive place for free agents in years to come.

3. Attitude: As soon as Hue was named HC, he got rid of the loser sign that was taped to our team's back. As I said before, he was not afraid to make a bold prediction by saying this team would win the AFC West even though they lost Zach Miller, Nnamdi Asomugha, and Robert Gallery. This contagious mind-set spread throughout the organization and allowed our players to truly believe they could win without the aforementioned leaders. Tom Cable was a good motivator, but everyone knew he didn't have the mental capacity to back up a claim similar to Hue's.

Carson Lovin': I think it is pure blasphemy to say Carson is ruining our franchise. 13 INTs through 9 games clearly does not tell the full story. I will go as far as saying he is our MVP this season. Here are some reasons why you guys should join me on the King Carson bandwagon.

1. Deep Ball: Jason Campbell has an incredible arm. For some reason, he is horribly inaccurate when throwing deep. Carson has been well above average in this department. If you're drawing a blank, think back to the thursday night game against SD and this past game against KC. He unleashed the cannon on the Moore touchdown earlier today and the overtime pass to DHB. Being able to throw the deep ball extends the defense and helps out all of the other elements of our offense. (I know that is obvious, but I felt the need to say it anyway.)

2. Intelligence: How many quarterbacks can be traded to a team before week 7 and be running a no-huddle offense EFFECTIVELY by week 10? That was a rhetorical question since the answer is very few. I do like J-Camp, but one thing he would never do well is walk up to the line and read the defense. King Carson seems to always be making last minute adjustments that help keep the offensive flow going. Carson does make some poor reads from time to time, but this should not be a knock on his smarts. I blame the lack of OTAs and lack of a consistent receiving core on the field.

3. Improvement: Statistically, Carson and JC have similar numbers even though JC had a training camp with this team, a stronger running game while he was the QB, and more healthy receivers. From here on out, whether we make the playoffs or not, we can expect exponential improvement on the offensive side of the ball. With Carson remaining at the helm next year, matched with McFadden, Reece, Moore, DHB, and Ford, our offense is going to be well-oiled machine.

It's our time to shine. Rise up Raider Nation! If you continue to support Hue and Carson, the sky is the limit for this team.

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