A Perfect S**tstorm of Suckitude ...

Not only do our Raiders FAIL in utterly spectacular fashion ...

Not only do we get treated to yet another weekly installment of 'Tebow Time', and get a lesson from the Donks on how to generally play football, esp. on Defense, and esp. in the 2nd half of the game ...

But on top of that, the Chiefs showed us just how little that win against the Hanie-led Bears last week actually meant, by holding them to 3 points, despite Orton apparently going out injured on his first play. Dunno how bad that injury was, but the 'revenge game' we were hoping for w/Orton against his former team, may not be happening now.

This weekend has been the perfect shit-storm of absolute suck. We can't even legitimately proclaim that the multitude of injuries on offense killed us, seeing as how our O-line, probably the healthiest part of this team, was utterly outmatched, and couldn't give Palmer protection (until it was too late in the game), nor open up anything resembling a hole for Bush to run through.

Other troubling aspect's of the passing game today included a bad case of the drops on the part of our receivers, esp. Kevin Boss, along w/the return of the incredible Bouncing DHB, and, most of all, a disturbing lack of zip to Palmer's throws. I have to say that based on the past couple of games, that all the talk about his loss of arm strength from Bengals fans who joined us on SB&P after the trade is really starting to look like it might be a legit concern to me at this point. Although it looked like nobody was getting any separation, I think the point could be made that a distinct lack of zip on the throws from Palmer contributed to the severity of this problem. Nearly every throw he made to me looked very 'floaty', and seemed to take way too long to hit the receivers hands.

Arguably perhaps Moore and Ford could've actually gotten some separation on their defenders, but I don't think it's logical to assume that they would've ... cause nobody out there did today until the Dolphins decided to start putting four or five defenders 50 yards down the field on every play. Even then we struggled to convert 3 downs from well outside the Red Zone.

And don't even get me started on how terrible the defense (esp. the middle) looked. Kelly, Seymour, and Renaldo (or whoever played in his spot) ... those guys might as well of not even been out on the field with as little as they did in this game. In fact dipshit Seymour made sure he literally WASN'T there by yet again losing his head and getting ejected. Whoever was out there, every time the Fins tried to run up the gut, it was good for a minimum of 5. And don't tell me R. Bush is some power runner you just can't stop from getting 5 up the middle every time.

Our d-line provided almost zero pressure, and we didn't get a sack during the meaningful part of the game (I stopped watching in the 4th) against a team that was 31st in the league for allowing them, and allowed a bottom-tier offense to rack up 34 unanswered points. In contrast to our blanketed receivers, their guys were WIDE friggin open, time and time again, when our defense was out there. Fasano in particular seemed to be someone our D was unaware was lined up opposite them at any time during the game. And the gap handling and tackling was a debacle all day, with horrible angles being taken by seemingly every Raider player.

There's only one good thing to come of this weekend, and that's the Bengals losing. At this point, I think we have to start concerning ourselves that 6th Wildcard spot, which we're tied for with Titans, Bengals, and Jets at present (I think that's everyone). Because frankly, with the way the Broncos, Bills, and Bears (who are w/o Forte now for 2-6 weeks) are playing ATM, I think it's very reasonable to presume that we'd need to win out in order to win our division.

Donkeys I'd say are very likely to go at least 3-1, which means we need to go 4-0 to win the division. Anyone think there's any reasonable chance of that happening, based on today? I know I don't. In fact, I am predicting Rodgers and the Pack are going to embarrass this team even further, and that we are going to find ourselves effectively 2 games out of first place by this time next Sunday, with only 3 remaining. The only way we really have a chance to make the P.O.'s at that point is if we win out, and Denver loses to K.C ... neither of which seem very likely at this point.

I know it's still a little early, but I'm just about ready to proclaim this season over at this point. This game was MUST WIN today, and we weren't even close. Teams that are actually heading to the playoffs don't get blown out 34-0 (after 3 quarters of football) when they are in the thick of the playoff hunt. Be one thing if we were nursing our home-field advantage and sitting starters, but it's altogether different in this scenario.

This said, I DO like our chances next year, I think if we can stay a lot more healthy than this year, w/Hue and CP in their second year, if we can pick up a couple players in key spots either through FA or the draft, I think this team could really make some noise.

But this Raider team, this year ... I just don't think we're good enough on either side of the ball to make the P.O's, let alone do anything once there.

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