Hue Jackson and The Raiders Coaching Staff SUCKS!!!!!!!

OK im sick and tired of hearing and reading-watching so many fans say there is still hope or they believe in hue. JUST STOP HE IS NOT A GOOD COACH.

Now I am a raiders fan been one my whole life.

This guy has no clue what he is doing, he is trying to be al davis jr on a whole new level playing little games with the media, keeping everything in his little box, trying to prove his points and be who he wants to be rather than just doing the RIGHT THING.

Hue jackson doesn't know how to speak I hear him say the same shi* every week ur players do blink if they didn't they wouldn't have league high penalties, missed tackles, and dropped interceptions.

He uses the same play calling every SINGLE F*CKEN WEEK JESUS PLEASE COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW. i mean gosh its pretty obvious that bush is going right up the middle 90% of the time. Is the out route and comeback route only ran 15-20 yards deep come on now I see that every play besides a reciever taking a streak. Call some different screens y is it that any other team in the NFL can call a decent wide open screen but when raiders do it it seems so cluttered and unorganized. there are other routes, Drag. slant, skiiny post, curl, in, corner, cut. gosh open ur brain stop drinking ur stupid irish coffee and get creative with ur play calling.

This team is not a BULLY they are a bunch of idiots, I hate SF but that is a bully, I hate Denver with all my heart but they are bullies. We dont run with power we dnt have that aggressive mind set that good teams have. We have bruce cambell put that big boy at FB and let him push the pile please u moron he will probably help out the worst center in football ( Satele).

Injuries lmao what the hell is going on ever since kiffin left our injuries have been ridiculous and our coaches make it worse chimidi should have been put on IR after 2 weeks y the hell u waiting 4 weeks when you should have known that he wasn't going to play. We probably have terrible condition and medical staff. DMC has been invisible C'mon man tell everyone he wont come back until the playoffs if we even make he isnt practicing this week he will be limited next week and will take him 2 weeks to be put back into the offense BYE BYE its only obvious that he was done. stop playing games hue and grow a pair.

For the defense wow y is it that chuck does things no one in the nfl would ever do. Curry on bess lego. Giordano on Knox double the lego. Wimbley on any tight end Cmon Man. We have 4 corners if they come out with 4 WR bring out ur corners its not that hard stop putting safties on WR and LBS on WR its not even I really hope chuck tries to use that on GB nelson or jones TD anyone.

Special teams just fire him already we cant get an open lane for PR if it was given to us.

Overall I hope raiders bring in a good GM and cleans the house get rid of every coach on the raiders bring in a Coach and let him run the show.

I believed in hue but no matter what playoffs or not and I say not he just doesnt have what it takes to be an elite coach in the nfl.

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