Nothing Personal Chuck - Just get the F off my Team!

I'm glad to see that most of you are waking up and starting to smell the coffee! We have one major problem, which absolutely has to be fixed, before we (Raider Nation) can enjoy a sustained level of success. Yes, I am going to say it again, "Fire Chuck Bresnahan!"

The rest of the problems we have are manageable. They are the kind of problems that come with being an NFL team approaching the 14th week in the season.

You simply can't have a major weakness at the DC position and be successful in the NFL - period!

For the Raiders to beat good teams, the offense has to compensate for the defense. And that just can’t happen every time we play a good team, or in this case (Miami), a team that is on the upswing.

The fact is, Bresnahan should have never been hired. I am still in awe over this hiring. It is the kind of hiring that makes me want to quit being Raider fan – SERIOUSLY!!! I say I want to, but I am too stupid to root for any other team, so I just live with the pain of a multitude of idiotic decisions over the years.

That gives me an idea, I think I may write an article on the worst Raider hires in history. My vote goes to the re-hire of a proven failure - Chuck Bresnahan. I'm mean, how much more idiotic do you have to be to hire someone that has proven with 3 teams - YOUR F---ING team - the Raiders, Buffalo and Cincinnati that he is a complete and utter failure at running a defense at the NFL level. What the F---?

I am not going to go on and on regarding Chuck’s record; you can read my article a few months back where I talk more about his past failures:

Simple Solution Fire Chuck Bresnahan

The funny thing is, Chuck can actually have some level of success with the Raiders. If you’ve paid attention throughout the years, Chuck’s defenses, on a regular basis, get slaughtered when the QB has any measurable time to throw the ball. He couldn’t teach a pop-warner team a dime package or an effective zone coverage. If he just recognized his weaknesses and just blitzed and played bump-and-run man-to-man, he would actually stop an opposing offense more often than not, especially with the athletes we have on the current Raider D-line.

What I find absolutely amazing, is that Chuck often blitzes in the first half of games and has some success, but an hour later, in the second half, he seems to forget what worked in the first half? Remember the Chicago game? He brought pressure and the Raider D looked good! So what does the jackass do after a successful first half of bringing pressure and attacking??? Yes, you’ve got it, he does the exact opposite! If bringing pressure was successful in the first half against Chicago, then logic would have it that you bring pressure in the second half. Not Chuck. This is why Chicago started moving the ball in the second half and gave us a little scare at the end of the game.

Any ways, nothing personal Chuck - just get the F off my team!!!!

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